08--Divorce:  Adult Novels, Poems & Fictional Stories

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Forbidden fruit and other short stories.  Translated from the Newari language by Kesar Lall and Tej R. Kansakar.  Kathmandu, Nepal:  Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 1994.  58p.  Including “Divorce” by Lochan Ratna;  “Love” by Satya Mohan Joshi.

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Queen, Ellery.  Ellery Queen's mystery parade;  19 stories from Ellery Queen's mystery magazine.  New York, NY:  New American Library, 1968.  307p.  Including “Divorce, New York style” by C. Woolrich.

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Stroud, Joseph.  Below Cold Mountain:  [poems].  Port Townsend, WA:  Copper Canyon Press, 1998.  115p.  Many poems including “Lost,” “Love in the classical world,” “What she told me in Orland, California,” “Love's more difficult translation,” “The song of divorce,” “Homage to life” & “Grief.”

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