10--Divorce:  Computer Programs

Aequus software:  the software for divorce planning professionals:  user's manual, version 2.0.  Chicago, IL:  Aequus, 1992.  107p.

Computer File Marraige and divorce data 1989-95.  SETS version 1.22a.  Hyattsville, MD:  National Center for Health Statistics, c1997.  1 computer laser optical disc;  4 3/4 in.

Schuler, Dennis P.  Flexpractice.  Matrimonial practice.  Deerfield, IL:  Callaghan & Co., c1990.  11 computer disks;  3 1/2-5 1/4 in. + 2 reference manuals (loose-leaf) 1 user's manual (90p.).  Info & forms for all documents of marriage & divorce in New York.