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A working archive of everything written on divorce in the world since the beginning of writing:  see the Archive Introduction for more information.  Only serial groups are included and not individual articles.  Each section contains sub-sections dividing the works by groups.  There are over 13,000 references.  

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General Divorce Web Sites Include:  

www.Attorneys.com - Law Directory is the primary research source used by attorneys when they need authoritative data on their colleagues, containing over 1,000,000 lawyers and law firms in 160 countries.

Americans:  www.DivorceSource.com  ~  www.DivorceCentral.com  ~  www.DivorceInfo.com  ~   www.DivorceHQ.com  ~  www.DivorceMag.com  ~ 

Europeans:  www.Divorce.co.uk  ~  www.Divorce-Online.co.uk  ~  www.OnDivorce.co.uk  ~  

Military:  www.MilitaryDivorceOnline.com  

LAW in General:  Find Lawyers Online a premium lawyer search site  ~ 
LawOffice.com  ~  Martindale Lawyer Locator  ~ 
Law Guru
  ~  Law.com  ~  Nolo.com  ~ CNN.com/law  ~ 
Findlaw.com  national & state case law & their Legal Forms archives 
    has forms for what appears to be every legal need -- impressive
    (of course -- do seek legal counsel & reputable representation)  

American Specific Sites

www.acod.net  Adult Children of Divorce help 

www.MaceNYLaw.com Mace H. Greenfield, Long Island Divorce & Family Law Attorney


www.Proactive-Coach.com/divorce  American Responsible Divorce Network: "My role is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be... in your personal life, relationship, career or business."

www.Military-Divorce-Guide.com retirement division, Civil Relief Act, VA Disability, and more, by Carl O. Graham P.C.

www.Deciding-on-Divorce.com by Karl Augustine

www.DivorCenter.org  for help 

www.DadsandDivorce.com  for Dads 


www.CaliforniaDivorce.net  California Divorce Network 

www.Collaborative-Divorce.com  Connecticut Lawyers Assoc.

www.ColoradoDivorceMediation.com Colorado family law, mediation news, & parenting resources.

www.Divorce-and-Money.com  by David Twenhafel 

www.DivorceasFriends.com  by Bill Ferguson 



www.DivorceSurvivalguide.com  a online newsletter  

www.E-Divorce.com  do-it-yourself  

www.HindyAssociates.com  Carl Hindy and associates offer ounseling for couples in New Hampshire, and he co-authored the popular book, If This Is Love, Then Why Do I Feel So Insecure  

http://communities.msn.com/divorcecaresupport  for online help 

especially for women 

Canada & Europe Specific Sites:

www.OttawaDivorce.com  Comprehensive information on Canadian Divorce and Canadian Family Law, including child support, spousal support, division of property, and more.

www.marriage-contract.ca  Your resource for prenuptial agreements in Canada.

www.DivorceCanada.ca  Canada

www.Divorce-Forms.co.uk  United Kingdom

www.FamilyAdvice.co.uk  United Kingdom 


http://tflc.co.uk/divorce.html  from the Family Law Consortium 

www.LoveandMoney.co.uk  to avoid high costs in UK 

www.SharingPensions.co.uk  pension sharing in UK

My Book:   PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

Other Divorce Sites:   Divorce Web Sites 550+  

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