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NOTE: This is a Christian site and does not believe that every road goes to heaven.  This is also an academic site, and the following are included for that reason.  If one follows any of the belief systems in depth, every one of them excludes all the others: one cannot be a Christian and a Buddhist at the same time.  And a good Christian is not threatened by any of these, and if one would want to bring the Christian witness to a member of these, their sources ought to be consulted.   

World Religions, Texts & Indexes  ~

Christianity  ~  Catholicism  ~  Judaism   Islam  ~  

Bahai  Buddhism Confucianism  ~  Hinduism  ~   Sufism  ~  

Jainism  ~   Krishna  ~  Palestine Authority  ~  Scientology  ~  Taoism  ~  Zoroastrianism  ~ 
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World Religions, Texts & Indexes:  World Religion Texts ~ 
Archive Collections of the World  by continent of 9,000+ sites 
           sponsored by the University of Idaho  ~
Virtual Religion Index by  very substantial ~
APS Listing of Religious Sites   links to manuscript & faith resources  ~ 
Belief net   ambitious, source for everything on every religion on the net  ~
Web Chronology Project
  project of the history department of North Park University in Chicago that is attempting a massive effort to host all of the major chronologies of the world.  Everything.  Really neat is that the chronologies themselves are linked:  click here to go directly to the
 Christianity Chronology  ~  Islam Chronology  ~ 
Judaism Chronology  ~  Buddhism Chronology  ~

World Council of Churches  & it's Church Organizations links page ~ 
World Directory of Religious Study Programs


Christianity General:  ABS American Bible Society  one of the largest 
       portals for Bible publishing in the world in most of the major languages 
       in the world and hosting four award winning sites ~
Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs   religious freedom watch  ~
Calvinism   Institutes of Christian Religion & others  ~
Christian Classics Ethereal Library  complete volumes on line ~  listing by states & countries  ~   a major Christian index, the official site 
          for Christianity Today with full text to magazines, religion 
          news with links to over 9,000 Christian sites & full text of
          Books & Culture reviewing major books ~
Christian Mysticism  not quite what you would think, works by many 
           Cyril of Alexandria, Brother Lawerance & Thomas Kempis ~
Christian Resource Index   extraordinary database on Christian sites 
           with distinction to denomination & has to be among the largest ~  Christian links of all kinds, a treasure trove of links ~  index of indexes, some 4,000+ sites ~
Global Mapping International   for Christian leaders on world evangelism ~   Bibles for Sale -- original KJV or 1536 Tyndale boasting the
           largest stock of ancient Bible & Bible pages in the world ~
Philosophy of Religion listing of classic titles ~
Evangelical Lutheran Church  ~  Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod  ~
Presbyterian Church  ~  United Methodist Church  ~ 
Society of Christian Philosophers ~
Spurgeon Archives   writings of CH Spurgeon  ~
Theological Schools of North America   from Fuller Theological Seminary
UK Christian World   700 links to Christian sites in UK  ~
Watchman Fellowship  Christian apologetic site for Christian defense ~
Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archive Listings  ~
World Council of Churches  & it's Church Organizations links page  ~
World Missions Atlas Project  map status of missions projects of world  ~
see Christian Links section for broader selection of Christian links


Catholicism:  Catholic Resources Index  ~  Vatican Home Page  ~ 
Holy See  ~ Catholic Encyclopedia ~ Church Fathers ~
Benedictine Homepage  ~ 
Summa Theologica  ~  New Advent  huge resource of on-line Catholic classics, Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Thomas Aquinas and much more ~
American Catholic Philosophical Association ~
see Christian Links section for broader selection of Catholic links 


Judaism:   Jewish Guide to Internet at which stands for Orthodox Union
also see their link to  Jewish Calendar :  site has just about 
everything on Jewish life, history & current events in Jewish life ~ & their links section is perhaps the most 
    comprehensive & well organized anywhere--7,000+ !!!  
All Things Jewish, plus Jewish Holidays and the Jewish Calendar - recommended by Eliezer ~ Jewish Directory ~ Gersher City ~ bookstore ~
Aviezer Yellin Archives of Jewish Education
Ben-Gurion Heritage lnstitute and Research Center
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Special Collections
Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
Central Zionist Archives  ~ 
Hebrew University. Spielberg Jewish Film Archives
Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Library of Art and Archaelogy
Israeli Documentation Center for The Performing Arts
Jabotinsky Institute
Jewish National and University Library
Jewish National and University Library. Albert Einstein Archives
Kabbalah  ~  Kabbalah Chronological Bibliography  ~ online service for Kabbalah words of wisdom  ~
Tel Aviv University. Faculty of Humanities
Tel Aviv University. Sourasky Central Library  huge, excellent ~  Dead Sea Scrolls  ~
Central Archive of the History of the Jewish People - Jerusalem
Holocaust Martyrs' & Heros' Authority  ~ 
Ghetto Fighter's Holocaust Museum & Archives ~
Weizmann Institute of Science
Yad Vashem. The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority


Bahai:  ~  ~  International Statements  ~
International Bahá'í Library


Buddhism:  network of Buddha Dharma Ed. Assc. ~ 
Siddartha Gautama  Bio 1  Bio 2 ~


ConfucianismConfuciansim ~ Confucianism Lexicon ~ Analects  ~ 
Completes Texts of Confucius ~ Wesleyan Confucian Etext Project ~


Hinduism:  Hindu. net & Texts ~ Hinduism Encyclopedia ~ ~
Sanskrit Religious Institute & Links  ~  World Vaisnava Association ~ 
American/International Gita Society  ~  


Islam  Islamic Interlink  huge project to connect the Islamic world with a large & well organized set of links ~
Three premier sites on the world of Islam:   --  -- Islamic Gateway (UK)  ~
A Simple Path to  with huge links page & info listing  ~
American University of Sharjah
CAIR - Council on American Islamic Relations  ~  Islam search engine  ~ 
Islam Texts  ~  ~
United Arab Emirates University
Egypt Resources


Jainism: Intl Mahavir Jain Mission ~ Jain Asscs. N. America  &  Temple list & Brief History ~ huge listing of links


Krishna: a Krishna index ~ Bokti Yoga


Palestine Authority:  Bethlehem University 


Scientology: Scientology Official Site ~ Human Rights Director ~ ~ Religious Tolerance ~ Beliefs of the Scientology Religion ~  Clergy Corner: the Scientology Religion ~ Church of Scientology Defined list of scientology resources">Beliefs">Clergy:  & religion

Sufism:  ~


Taoism:  ~  ~ Taoist Restoration ~
Lao Tzu Bio 1  ~  Lao Tzu Bio 2  ~  Tao & Pantheism  ~  
Siu Tao education & sister site  on temples  ~ 


Zoroastrianism:  ~ World Zoroastrian Dictionary "traditional Zoroastrianism" ~  & Complete Text ~


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World Religions, Texts & Indexes  ~

Christianity  ~  Catholicism  ~  Judaism   Islam  ~  

Bahai  Buddhism Confucianism  ~  Hinduism  ~   Sufism  ~  

Jainism  ~   Krishna  ~  Palestine Authority  ~  Scientology  ~  Taoism  ~  Zoroastrianism  ~ 


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