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This following ranking is by internet web frequency. And nationally, it appears that there are more connections to, affiliates of, and unitilizations of the Character Counts organization than any other single entity. This ranked list of 264 (383 Alpha List) web sites on character was pulled on 7-29-04 from an initial search that resulted in 1,800+ hits by the following search engines: AOL Search, HotBot, Netscape Netcenter, MSN Web Search, CompuServe, Yahoo!, Lycos, Open Directory Project, WiseNut. A Google search turned up over 29,200,000 hits on character with at the top. From the 1,800, several categories of sites were culled, including sites for fiction writing characters, font characters, movie and play characters, and the like. The search was accomplished using Copernic’s search engine crawler. Interestingly, on other Google searches on July 30, 2004 at 12:30 AM, God got 57,800,000 hits with top site at, Jesus 23,200,000 at, money 121,000,000 at, and sports 162,000,000 at so “character” is in between God and Jesus in popularity, and all three are not as popular as they all should be.


264 Ranked Character Sites –
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383 Alpha List
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1.                  Character Counts National Office - Character Education Resources: a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian character education framework that teaches the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. - 95%

2.         provides resources, information, teaching guides, and lesson plans for those interested in teaching character education, with a section for coaches and advice. - 94%

3.                  Keirsey Temperament and Character Theory: Keirsey Character Sorter, information about personality, character, temperament, mating, leading, love. - 94%

4.                  Character Education Partnership (CEP): a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to developing moral character and civic virtue. - 94%

5.                  Character Education: Programs train educators and students to manage aggressive behaviors, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts, encourage diversity tolerance, practice core values, and promote character education. - 93%

6.                  Character Education at the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character: a decade of helping teachers, administrators, and parents build good character in today’s youth. Character education is not merely a trend or the school's latest fad. - 93%

7.                  Character Education Resources: by Midge Frazel and ASCD Tutorial. - 93%

8.                  Character Education Network: For students, teachers, schools and communities to facilitate character education. This site is dedicated to providing quality, ready-to-use curriculum, activities and resources that integrate with and enhance the classroom experience. - 93%

9.                  USOE Character Education: Utah State Office of Education Character Education Homepage! Character development is the other broad goal of education, along with academic development. - 93%

10.              Character Above All: An Exploration of Presidential Leadership. - 92%

11.              CharacterEd: teaching character qualities reviewed by Polk School District believes that Character Education is a continuous process. - 92%

12.              National Character Education Center: Gene Bedley CEO, Discipline and the Difficult Child Seminar for Teachers. - 92%

13.              Character Counts - Chaves County, NM: - 91%

14.              Character Development Group: leaders in character education across the country, educators can play a vital role. Dr. Philip Fitch Vincent, Director of the Character Development Group, brings more than 20 years of experience. -           90%

15.              Character First: Character Training Institute provides character-based training for businesses, schools, families, and communities. - 90%

16.              John Templeton Foundation: College and Character: Initiative is to encourage colleges and universities to do as much as they can to reinforce the positive values instilled by parents. - 90%

17.              Quotes on Character: Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. - 90%

18.              Catholic Encyclopedia: Character: Visit New Advent for the Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopedia and more. In general we may say that character is the expression of the personality of a human being… - 89%

19.              Character Education - Teaching Kids to Care: is about celebrating what’s right with young people while enabling them to develop knowledge and life skills for enhancing ethical and responsible behavior. Growing Responsible, Respectful Children. Quotes of the Month. - 89%

20.              CTI Business Ethics Training: for Character Training Inc., rooted in principles of character and respect. - 89%

21.              Moral Character: questions about moral character have recently come to occupy a central place in philosophical discussion. - 89%

22.              Character Above All: Character Quotes: From Various Sources, former Presidents of the United States, etc. - 88%

23.              Character Builders, Inc.: specializes in traditional animation for feature films, television, and commercials. - 88%

24.              Character Education and Development: Ethics Centers around the World International Consulting International Training Corporate Capabilities Resources. - 88%

25.              CollegeValues.Org: includes two major resources designed to encourage discussion, research, and educational strategies on character development in college. - 88%

26.              Project Gutenberg Edition of Character: by Samuel Smiles. Project Gutenberg Release #2541 (March 2001). -           88%

27.              Ralph Waldo Emerson's Character: - 88%

28.              What a Character! - 88%

29.              Center for Character Development: As a teacher, Character Counts will give my kids a great foundation. - 87%

30.              Character Building Workshop – Writers’ Village University: people will never be the same, an independent study of your characters using these online questionnaires. - 87%

31.              Character: new thoughts on character, self disclipine, and finding happiness and fullfillment in life. Good character can not be acquired overnight, may take years, but mostly it takes constant improvement of our way of life. - 86%

32.              Character Education: A Character Building Education Resource for Schools, Families, and Communities. - 86%

33.              Character Quotes: a larger collection of Wisdom Quotes to challenge and inspire. - 86%

34.              Mendelson Center for Sport, Character, and Community: a nonprofit organization devoted to building character and community through sports. Utilizing research, educational programs, consulting, and networking. - 86%

35.              Character Building Company: Character Classics, ABC’s of Character, School Supplements. - 85%

36.              Character Education Theme: Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets, and More from A to Z Teacher Stuff. - 85%

37.              Jefferson Center for Character Education: a national, non-profit, non-sectarian organization founded in 1963 which addresses the need to teach character education in both public and private schools. - 85%

38.              Character – 1911 Encyclopedia: a distinctive mark (spelt caracter), from the latter usage a character becomes almost identical with reputation… - 84%

39.              Character from Jesus is gentle, not loud and quarrelsome, and has inner harmony. Blessings come through godly character in spite of the persecution that having it brings. - 84%

40.              Character & Ethics Division: provides a variety of tools. - 84%

41.              Character Building for Families: character building study for entire family, written by home school mother. - 84%

42.              Character Education Resources: web sites listed below were gathered to help support Utah's Character Education - 84%

43.              Character Pro for Writers 2.0: creative writing tool designed to help writers create great story characters. Newsletter available. - 84%

44.              Charter Schools & Character Education: Eugenics Internationale. Behind the Conservative Curtain: Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Front. - 84%

45.              Joseph & Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics: public-benefit, nonprofit membership organization founded by Michael Josephson in honor of his parents to improve the ethical quality of society by advocating principled reasoning and ethical decision making. Since 1987, over 100,000 including legislators and mayors, high-ranking public executives, congressional staff, editors and reporters, senior corporate and nonprofit executives, judges and lawyers, and military and police officers. 9841 Airport Blvd., #300, Los Angeles, CA  90045, (310) 846-4800; ~ origin of - 84%

46.              Quotes to Inspire Character: - 84%

47.              Character: definition of the literary term character. - 83%

48.              Character Counts: training for law enforcement agencies and businesses. -           83%

49.              Character First: character based training, resources. - 83%

50.              Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education: Character Education Partnership 1025 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1011 Washington, DC 20036 (800) 988-8081.  - 83%

51.              Center for Character Development: - 82%

52.              Character Education Resources: a provider of character education resources to educators across the country. - 82%

53.              Character TN: message was created to remind us that it is easy to do the right thing when someone is looking. - 82%

54.              Institute for Character Development at Drake University: Denis Waitley Institute for Character Development 2419 University Ave. Des Moines, IA 50311. - 82%

55.              John Templeton Foundation: College and Character: Character Development profiles 405 exemplary college programs in ten categories that inspire students to lead. - 82%

56.              Character: Definition of character ... moral or ethical quality. - 81%

57.              International Center for Character Education: values, ethics, citizenship ICCE invites you to join us in our character education initiatives. - 81%

58.              Character Education Webquest: teaching the importance of Character Education. Designed by Lori Hoffman and Tera Hollfelder. Education.htm - 81%

59.              Character First - 49 Character Qualities: Character is the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual's life which determine his or her response regardless of circumstances. - 81%

60.              Character Education: Background and Context for Character Education. Is Character Education the Answer? - 81%

61.     my book “Inner Medicine” contains new discoveries about character, the virtues and vices. Are you ready for a breakthrough? - 81%

62.              Character Education & Civic Engagement Technical Assistance Center: CETAC sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. - 81%

63.              Character Education: Center for the Prevention of School Violence, Lessons from NC Character Education Partnership, Kenan Institute for Ethics.  - 80%

64.              Character: New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 3rd Ed.: - 80%

65.              Critical Concepts: Character, Characterization: a rather dense discussion. The word “character” derives from the Greek verb charassein - 80%

66.              Character 80%

67.              Hurt-Free Schools = Character Education: Character Education and Social Skills training in the schools. - 80%

68.              Temperament Sorter Registration: #1 online personality assessment PhD designed for career and personal development. - 80%

69.              Character Development at USNA: to integrate the moral, ethical, and character development of midshipmen across every aspect of the Naval Academy experience. - 80%

70.              YAOHÚSHUA – Character Traits: What does 'character' mean? Character is the main seat of one's morality. Character is the inner person of everyone. - 80%

71.              Character: quotes for character. “One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments”—Henry Ward Beecher; “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth”—Franklin D. Roosevelt. - 79%

72.              Character Above All: Presidential Links: - 79%

73.              Character Education Lesson Plans: to North Carolina’s public schools and North Carolina Character Education Partnership. - 79%

74.              David L. Ahrens – Character: The Naval Officers Manual. All Officers of the United States Navy and the Marine Corps. By Rear Admiral Harley Cope. July, 1951. - 79%

75.              Character Education: Teaching guides for character education, grades K-5. - 79%

76.              Muslim Character: by Muhammad Al-Ghazali, Perfection of Morals ... purpose was nothing else but to strengthen the moral character of the people. - 79%

77.              Character of a Methodist by John Wesley: distinguishing marks of a Methodist are not his opinions of any sort. - 79%

78.              University of Illinois Extension - Character Education: - 79%

79.              All Things William: if we can implant in our people the Christian virtues which we sum up in the word character ... - 78%

80.              Center for the 4th and 5th R's: regional, state, and national resource in character education. - 78%

81.              Character Counts of Martin County: United Way of Martin County, Character Counts. - 78%

82.              Character, Aristotle @ Theatre w/Anatoly: Character Study is usually a semester long class. - 78%

83.              Character: American Heritage Dictionary: - 78%

84.              Educational Psychology Interactive: Moral and Character: development of one's character, dealing with concerns of direction and quality of life. - 78%

85.              MotivationalQuotes.Com: to start with the most inside part of self - with your paradigms, your character, and your motives.  - 78%

86.              Character Education for Preschool and Kindergarten Children: by the LSU AgCenter for preschooland kindergarten children and their parents. - 77%

87.              Quotes to Inspire: quote library is to collect and organize insightful or provocative thoughts related to character and ethics. - 77%

88.              Ancient History Sourcebook: Polybius (c.200-after 118 BCE): Character of Hannibal: - 76%

89.              Character Education: Abstinence is saying yes to the rest of your life, Statistics Abstinence Character Links. - 76%

90.              Character Education Programme of New Zealand (CEPNZ): - 76%

91.              Character Quotes: by famous people about love, life, politics, money and all else important. - 76%

92.     until the mid-20th century, the cultivation of character and virtue was the virtually universal… - 76%

93.              Educational Psychology Interactive: Moral and Character Development: Author: W. Huitt First written: 1991; Revised: 1994-2000, Character Is Who You Are by Reginald Ferguson. - 76%

94.              Shamaa-il Tirmidhi - Virtues and Noble Character of The Prophet:
 compiled by the Late Hazrat Sheikh-ul Hadeeth Maulana Muhammad Zakaria (R.A.), a collation of all the attributes and mannerisms of the Holy Prophet. - 76%

95.              Alliance for Character in Education: - 76%

96.              Nebraska Character Counts: a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics. - 75%

97.              Spiritwalk Quotations: Character: Dedicated to Personal Growth and Spiritual Development with Quotations. - 75%

98.              Funderstanding - Character Education: method revolves around developing “good character” in students by practicing and teaching. - 74%

99.              Making Ethical Decisions -- the Six Pillars of Character: Josephson Institute of Ethics Resources. - 74%

100.          Cambridge Dictionaries Online – Character: - 73%

101.          Character Education for Children through Principles and Values: Extensive resources for character education and teaching children values with accelerated learning techniques. - 73%

102.          Character Education Theme: Character Education Visit Network Sites, A to Z Teacher Stuff Store. - 73%

103.          Character Sheets: character sheets are at other sites, and have merely linked to them. All the official ones are available from the White Wolf website character sheet page. - 73%

104.          Dictionary.Com – Character: by Houghton Mifflin Company. - 73%

105.          Grace & Truth Books for Men, Women and Children: Christian book store that specializes in books for family and character building books for children. - 73%

106.          Teaching Ideas on Character Education: - 73%

107. Champions of Character: by NAIA Special Presenter Bruce Brown from Proactive Coaching. - 73%

108.          Character - Definition by Webster Dictionary: Char´ac`ter, n. 1. A distinctive mark; a letter, figure, or symbol… - 72%

109.          Character - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia: in general, a character is a distinctive significant mark or feature. - 72%

110.          Journal of College and Character: - 72%

111.          National Character Counts Week, 2002: by the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation. - 72%

112.          Classics in the History of Psychology -- Galton (1865): I will then enter into some of the considerations which my views on hereditary talent and character naturally suggest. - 71%

113.          US Presidents, History Project - Character in Time: Each of these one-act plays seeks to capture the character, the person in his place and time. - 71%

114.          Character Building: character is what you are in the dark.... When we recognize something familiar about a character in a book we are reading, something that we can identify... - 70%

115.          Golden Rule Character Building Products: The Conscience Game and GoRu's Golden Ruler: Award winning Golden Rule products for character and moral development at home and at school. No more lectures, but interactive fun as children build the foundation to make real life choices. - 70%

116.          Michigan 4-H Youth Development: Character Education: programs, events and learning materials for youth, volunteers, families, educators and 4-H alumni. - 70%

117.          Partnerships in Character Education Project Program: Technical Support • File Viewers Recursos en español, Funding Status Eligibility Laws, Regs, & Guidance Applicant. - 70%

118.          Power of Having Good Character: one of the 5 Powers of a Champion. It means to act in a manner that is honorable, courageous, compassionate and ethical. - 70%

119.          Bible Tract Character List: - 69%

120.          Character Counts of Martin County: - 69%

121.          Character Education - International Center for Character Education: latest in Character Education news, discuss issues, and receive conference information. Doctoral Degree specialization in Character Education. - 69%

122.          Education World Curriculum: One Character Education Program: education curricula and established programs. - 69%

123.          Management Development Associates: - 69%

124.          Matters of Christian Character: takes a strong stand for biblical virtues. Character counts. - 69%

125.          Revolutionary Ideals: card game for download and character profiles. - 69%

126.          Bonner Center For Character Education: - 67%

127.          KSU Center for Leadership, Ethics and Character - 67%

128.          Literature -- Creating Character: Memorable characters come alive for us while we read. They live on the page and in our hearts and minds. We cannot forget them. - 67%

129.          Character Development Group, Leaders in Character Education: by Gene Bavis Wayne Central School District Ontario Center, NY. - 66%

130.          Character Education for Preschool and Kindergarten Children: LSU AgCenter Character Critters program. Character or moral education has been identified as a key need for our citizens in America. - 66%

131.          Lifeskills Training Center: highest known character values, and the highest known behavior lifeskills; We suggest that schools teach character as Positive Psychology by Seligman. - 66%

132.          Orangeburg County, Community of Character: “The great hope of our society is individual character.” … “Fads come and go; wisdom and character go on forever.” - 66%

133.          Spalding University - Diverse Community of Learners: Character. Recent national studies suggest that the vast majority of Americans share a common set of core values: honesty, self-control, perseverance, respect, compassions and service to those less fortunate. - 66%

134.          Yahoo! Directory Character Education: - 65%

135.          Character Requirements: Penal Clearance Certificates: required to be of good character … to determine whether you are … - 64%

136.          WiseSkills Character Education Program: K-12 character education program is a teacher-friendly and interdisciplinary way to build the character of young people. - 64%

137.          Books About Character Education: Josephson Institute of Ethics. - 63%

138.          Character and Social Process: Erich Fromm (1942), character and social process. - 63%

139.          Character Education: for Secondary Students, info continually added. - 63%

140.          Parents and Community in Character Education: - 63%

141.          National Center for Youth Issues: Over the past 22 years. - 63%

142.          Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education: PACE. - 63%

143.          Australian Immigration Fact Sheet - Immigration Character Requirement: person is found not to be of good character… - 62%

144.          Cambridge Dictionaries - Cambridge University Press: - 62%

145.          Character Education: National 4-H & AZ State Department of Education. - 62%

146.          Thomas Jefferson and the Character Issue: The Atlantic Monthly; November 1992. - 62%

147.          Character Education Lesson Plans by FreeWay-America's Premiere: non-profit organization that provides character education lesson plans, and other drug and violence prevention programs and education to schools. - 61%

148.          Characteristics and Behaviors of the Gifted: “The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive. To him... a touch ...” - 61%

149.          Social Studies Development Center: by Evelyn Holt Otten, reality in many schools with a character education program. - 61%

150.          Education World: Is Character Education the Answer? As incidents ... children. - 60%

151.          Essentials For Life - Character and Leadership Training for Business, Schools and Family based in Colorado: based in Denver, Colorado. - 60%

152.          Teen Aid - Abstinence and Character Education: to promote character and abstinence-until-marriage by connecting children to their parents and teaching life skills. - 59%

153.          Astrology to Indicate Character: - 58%

154.          Character Education: dealing with character education, civic education, and living a life of integrity. - 58%

155. revolutionary character development, this is the first site concerned with the new Science of Virtue. - 58%

156.          Character Archive Network: once you've proven to be an active member of CAN, post reviews, bios, and even news. - 57%

157.          BGCA - Character & Leadership: Boys & Girls Clubs of America. - 57%

158.          Character Concepts: focus is to re-introduce families to the character qualities that will help them achieve. - 57%

159.          Character Counts MidShore: Maryland, working to infuse strong character development ideals into the everyday ... Character Counts. - 57%

160.          Character Development Foundation: Providing accreditation for teachers who have comprehensive character-building classrooms and wishing to measure the comprehensiveness of their character-building strategies. - 57%

161.          Character Education: California University Character Education Institute opened in January 1995, in response to a report from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. - 57%

162.          Character Education, Child Behavior, Child Discipline and Behavior Management: become the parent or teacher you always wanted to be ... a positive, proactive communicator with building self-esteem and character education as your goals. - 57%

163.          Cobb County School District: Character Education program is to integrate good character traits into the total school. - 57%

164.          Daily Character Builders: character building principles for elementary and middle school students. Sixteen character traits are presented in a ready-to-use format for teachers. - 57%

165.          Character Building Stories: to be a resource for parents, teachers, and youth leaders who would like to help build positive character traits in their children. - 56%

166.          Character Training for Global Citizenship: Encourage an understanding of others, a sense of responsibility, empathy and readiness to cooperate. - 56%

167.          Partnerships in Character Education Pilot Project: help states work with school districts to develop curriculum materials, provide teacher training, involve parents in character education and integrate character education into. - 55%

168.          Character Building Thought Power: Is habit-forming, character-building, a matter of mere chance, or have we it within our own control? - 55%

169.          Character Education: Empowering America's Youth : A curriculum unit developed by on the assumption that the character traits listed are accepted values. - 55%

170.          Character of Aristophanes: brief examination of the private character of the Greek dramatist Aristophanes. - 54%

171.          Character Ed. Links: always looking for new resources, by Gene Bavis. - 53%

172.          Character Education Connections Lessons: Back to CHARACTERplus™. - 53%

173.          Kossor Education Newsletter Systematic Destruction of Character: is a basic core belief that undergirds all of the education “restructuring” efforts currently… - 53%

174.          Lack of Character Education is Increasingly Apparent: From the Whitehouse, to corporate offices. - 53%

175.          Learning for Life: develop social and life skills, assists in character development, and helps them formulate positive personal values. - 53%

176.          Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification: Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman, hardback, 816 pages, March 2004, in stock, Oxford University Press. - 53%

177.          Character Workshop -- Designing A Life: I've designed this little workshop to help you sneak up on character development … isn't a complete character checklist. - 53%

178.          Catholic Encyclopedia: Character of Jesus Christ: It may be said that the strength of Christ's character gives rise to another quality … - 51%

179.          Character Education: Problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution are important parts of developing moral character. - 51%

180.          Character Education: General Resources. - 51%

181.          Character Education Lessons: web-based character education activities featuring captivating stories, hot quotes, lesson plans, intercom insights, articles, and resources. - 51%

182.          Character Recognition Resources: collection of evaluations of selected commercial products DOCIMAGE.COM - Document Imaging Directory Management. - 51%

183.          Citizenship Through Sports Alliance: coalition of professional and amateur athletics organizations in the United States, focused on character in sport ... value of sport as a test of character. - 51%

184.          Elements of Writing: What does the main character want? - 51%

185.          Heartwood Institute: is an award winning elementary ethics program designed to integrate character education seamlessly into the existing curriculum. - 51%

186.          Inferring Character Traits: To recognize character traits and relationships among characters: Donna Calder, Bullhead City Intermediate School ... will be able to identify character traits. - 51%

187.          Personality Theories: Erich Fromm: biography of the psychoanalyst, author, and social philosopher. - 51%

188.          Teaching Character: by Anne C. Dotson & Karen D. Wisont, contains short lessons, student assignments, and bulletin board ideas. There is no doubt that Character can and should be taught. - 51%

189.          Nebraska Character Education: Larry Starr. Project Co-Director. Kathleen Lodl. Project Co-Director. - 51%

190.          Louisiana Character Education: LSU AgCenter's 4-H Youth Development Program began its efforts to teach character education in 1996. - 51%

191.          Ace Educational Materials: Biographies That Build Character ... - 50%

192.          Education Center Activity: Character Concentration: Playing concentration can be a fun way for children to review the story characters they have read about. - 50%

193.          U.S. Intelligence Community – What We Do: The Character of Intelligence. - 50%

194.          VIA Classification of Character Strengths: are the 24 strengths that are measured by the VIA Signature Strengths Survey. - 50%

195.          Character: - 49%

196.          Character Clearinghouse: Resources / Links. Newsletter. Character Programs. International Perspectives. - 49%

197.          Crystal Clouds Quotations: Character Quotations: - 49%

198.          Partnerships in Character Education Project Program: help states work with school districts to develop curriculum materials, provide teacher training, involve parents in character education. - 48%

199.          U.S. Department of Defense Official Website: Character Development Critical. - 48%

200.          What is Temperament?: A discussion of the relationship between personality, character, and temperament. - 48%

201.          Character Counts - Village of Villa Park: - 46%

202.          Character: Learning Abilities Books: development resources, books & links. - 46%

203.          Characters from "Tall Tales & Heroes": Club/character_descriptions.htm - 46%

204.          Five Steps to Teaching Solid Character in Students: know the meaning of critical character traits. - 46%

205.          Great Commission Resources Links: for Character Development. - 46%

206.          Join Together Online: a national resource center for communities working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence. - 46%

207.          Character and Legacy of Henry II: by Dr Mike Ibeji. - 45%

208.          Character and Ethics: the combination of personal qualities that make each person unique. - 45%

209.          Dog Owner's Guide: Canine character: A dog is a dog is a dog? Yes—within limits. Canine character test indicates dog's pack and defense attitudes. - 45%

210.          Parenting Made Easier: Building Character: Parenting Ages & Stages Parenting Issues. Character Critters. Exercising Character. - 45%

211.          Booker T. Washington and Character Education: Character Education at Tuskegee Institute 1881-1915, by Sanderson Beck. - 44%

212.          Character Deficiency Syndrome: Garry D. Nation. Introducing and Defining Character Deficiency Syndrome. - 43%

213. to assess their character, spiritual gifts, and obstacles to spiritual growth. - 42%

214.          Character Education Journal Articles—Heartland AEA: some full-text journal articles on character education. - 42%

215.          Character Education via Experiential Education Programs: this can be pursued experientially and through outdoor & adventure activities. - 42%

216.          Free Will and Responsibility: Indeterminism and Its Problems: This work is devoted to criticisms of libertarian philosophers. - 42%

217.          ECT Interview: Thomas Lickona, Ph.D. on Character Education: Early Childhood Today put this question to Thomas Lickona, Ph.D., who specializes in this important area. - 41%

218.          K. Pryer Lab: phylogeny, character evolution, and diversification of extant. - 41%

219.          Character Education: part of a pilot project to infuse character education in the school curriculum under the ... the Improvement of Education, Title X, Partnerships in Character Education Pilot Projects. - 40%

220.          IDOE - Indiana Clearinghouse for Citizenship and Character Education: 1999 the Indiana ... Official Web Site of the Indiana Department of Education. - 40%

221.          Character the Hardest Lesson for Schools: Character education “can be taught in any subject,” said Linda Jones, who oversees the program in Pinellas County. - 40%

222.          Character Development at USNA: Secretary of the Navy and the Superintendent of the Naval Academy in 1994 established the Character Development Division. Its mission is to provide oversight and coordination. - 40%

223. Character Education Clearinghouse: Preparing K-12 educators to develop and teach character education core values. Remarks of Secretary Paige at the Character Education Partnership 10th Anniversary Dinner. Developing Safe Schools and Strong Character Goal 3 of the U.S. Department of Education. - 40%

224.          Character Counts: Superintendent … Seven Secrets of Success in Character Education. YCOE. - 39%

225.          Character Education and Development: Character-based Schools and Programs helping students and families realize their potential. The Hyde Schools' primary focus is character education. - 39%

226.          John D Rockefeller: A Character Study. by Ida M. Tarbell. - 39%

227.          Character Education: National School Safety and Security Services. School Terrorism Preparedness. School Terrorism Training. School Security Assessments. School Crisis Tabletop Exercises. Proactive School Security & Crisis Training. Character Education ... Character education. - 38%

228.          Character Evidence: just to explain the difference in state and federal law requires some background on character evidence generally ... of a person's character or trait of character is not admissible to ... - 38%

229.          Glossary of Literary Terms: Book reviews and discussion for real people, by a real person ... the method by which a character is presented… - 38%

230.          Character and the Social Process: Appendix to Fear of Freedom, by Erich Fromm (1942), in which Fromm reflects on the basic principles of how history and social processes manifest themselves in the character and psychoses ... We can call this character the social character. - 37%

231.          Character Education: Values and character education development usually occurs over a number of years and within a number of environments. - 37%

232.          Character Education: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. - 37%

233.          Character and Logical Method of Political Economy: JE Cairnes, LL D., Emeritus Professor of Political Economy in University College, London. - 36%

234.          Character Development: Character Questionnaire: If your character were to die … accept $1,000,000 to leave the county and ... - 36%

235.          Academy - Character Development: In all actuality, character development is an on-going process by which a character grows. - 35%

236.          Character Education Links: Character Education Links compiled by Sue LeBeau. - 35%

237.          Presidential Character: career and business books and videos. - 35%

238.          Vocabulary University® - Character Education Puzzles: participants learn most important character education vocabulary words by using interactive puzzles with words in sentence context. - 35%

239.          Character Education: Interview by Early Childhood Today with Thomas Lickona, PhD. Character Education Book Lists Character Education Bibliography from Barley. - 34%

240.          Character Education, Henry County Schools: use the character qualities listed in House Bill 605. This bill mandates a comprehensive character education program. In Henry County, we infuse character education into multiple school activities and lessons. Education.htm - 34%

241.          Character Education: - 33%

242.          What's Right and Wrong In Character Education Today: September 12, 2001,by Eric ... McDonnell, as advocates. - 31%

243.          Character Counts: Highland Park is proud to be a part of a nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of schools, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Six Pillars of Character. - 31%

244.          Character Motivation: Should a character's motivation not be clearly enough fleshed-out by disadvantages, a character may take a motivation as a Quirk. - 31%

245.          Cultivating Corporate Character: by John Di Frances. What do I mean by corporate character? It is, in simplest terms, an environment where people do the right thing. - 31%

246.          Michigan 4-H Youth Development: Character Education-Bibliography: - 31%

247.          Texans Building Character: Heroes for Life. Texas Web Resources. National Character Education Link. Extension TBC Resources. Educational Resource Library. - 31%

248.          Character Education: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. - 30%

249.          Mahatma Gandhi on Character Education: on the value, acquisition and implementation of Character Education and how it can help in Academic Achievements. - 30%

250.          Character Education - CA Dept of Education: Resources to build and develop character in youth; supports the core values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. - 29%

251.          Character Matters in Lake County: A Collaborative Approach. - 29%

252.          Character Article: My enthusiasm for character education began … - 28%

253.          DefenseLINK News: Character Development Needed in Schools: By Rudi Williams American Forces Press Service. - 28%

254.          Teaching Virtues: Building Character Education Across the Curriculum by Don Trent Jacobs. This highly praised book integrates knowledge, spiritual awareness, and the core virtues with traditional Native American ways of teaching and learning. - 28%

255.          Virtue Ethics - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The term virtue ethics is a relatively recent one. ... in that it focused on the central role of concepts such as character and virtue in moral philosophy ... called for a return to concepts such as character, virtue and flourishing. - 28%

256.          Character Education: by Dr. Craven E. Williams. - 27%

257.          Rock Solid Character: is a character education program that promotes moral and ethical character growth through adventure based rock climbing. The seven handholds of success are taught through … the most unique character education site on the web. - 25%

258.          NJ Character Education Network: Executive Order Establishing The New Jersey Character Education Commission. - 25%

259.          Character: Character Development Consultant. If you believe “character is destiny” then you are either excited or terrified about your organization's future. - 24%

260.          Character Building for Young Adults: Parent guide to character building for young adults using sermons on parables of Jesus and other parables. Includes activities to resist peer pressure, character education activities for kids. - 22%

261.          Corporate Character: the Executive Relationships below. - 22%

262.          Education World ® : Curriculum: Books of Character: Eighteen Books for Teaching About Character Across the Grades. - 22%

263.          Tulare County Office of Education - Character Counts: celebrating Character Counts! Week 2002 in Tulare County hangs over Main Street in downtown Visalia. - 22%

264. - Harlem Globetrotters Teach Values - Dec. 18, 2003: known for putting some real characters on the basketball court, are on a mission to educate schoolchildren about a different kind of character. - 21%



ViaStrengths.orgPositive Psychology

Their Character Strengths & Virtues is a must-see 2004 Oxford pub.—unsurpassed

~   ~   ~   ~

Academy of Legal Studies in Business Academy of Management Online

Action Without Borders 15,000 orgs+

Active Citizenship Act-React

Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Adventures from the Book of Virtues AGAPE Urban Institute (CA)

Alpha Xi Delta Women's Fraternity

Alverno College, WI, Valuing as College Outcome

American Association of Community Colleges

American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, NY

American Association of School Administrators Arlington, VA

American Bar Association’s Center for Professional Responsibility

American Camping Association American Federation of Teachers

American Legal Ethics Library Cornell Univ.

American Red Cross

American Youth Foundation, St. Louis, MO

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

America's Heroes and You

America's Promise AmeriCorps Aesop’s Fables

All One Heart


Argus Communications

Arizona Character Education Commission

Association for Moral Education Univ. of Minnesota

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Alexandria, VA

Association of Teacher Educators, Reston, VA

Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

AV Light Foundation (CA)

Babe Ruth League Boyer

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Boy Scout Character Oath


Basic Schools Network, Univ. Missouri-Columbia

Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues

Better Business Bureau

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Bill Gothard Basic Youth Conflicts

Bonner Center for Character Education CA State Univ.

Boy Scouts of America


Bruderhof Saving Childhood Forum

Build a Solid Foundation

Building Moral Intelligence

Bureau of Essential Ethics Education

Business for Social Responsibility

California Army National Guard Youth Program (CA)

California Department of Education – Character Program

California Friday Night Live Partnership

Calvert County (MD) Public Schools Character Education Resources

Calvin College, MI, Teaching Toward Virtue

Camp Fire USA

Camp Kindness

Caring Habit of the Month Adventure


Cascade Educational Consultants

Catholic Encyclopedia on “Character” Caux Round Table

Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University

Center for Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University

Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Wheaton College

Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia

Center for Applied & Professional Ethics, Central Missouri State University

Center for Character Development at Anderson University

Center for Character Development at Lubbock Christian University

Centre for Character Education at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Center for Civic Education, CA

Center for Civic Education's Lesson Plans

Center for Collaborative Education, NY: Affiliate of the Coalition of Essential Schools

Center for Ethical Business Cultures Center for Ethics, Loyola University

Center for Ethics and Business, Loyola Marymount University

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Center for Ethics, Univ. Idaho

Center for Law Enforcement Ethics

Center for Learning

Center for Learning, OH

Center for Professional Ethics, Manhattan College

Center for Public Integrity

Center for Business Ethics, Bentley College

Center for Learning Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, NY

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology

Center for the Study of Values in College Student Development (

Center for Youth Citizenship

Center for Youth Citizenship, Sacramento, CA

Center for Youth Issues, Inc., Chattanooga, TN

Center for Youth as Resources

Centre for Sustainable Design

Character Building Blocks

Character Building Poems for Kids

Character Building Site

Character Counts! with Josephson Institute of Ethics, Marina del Rey, CA

Character County! Productions, Inc.

Character Development Foundation

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Character Education: Developing Effective Programs

Character Education - ERIC Resources

Character Education Institute at CA University

Character Education Institute, San Antonio, TX

Character Education Network

Character Education Partnership

Character Education Teaches Children Moral Values

Character Plus (formerly PREP), St. Louis, MO

Child Development Project, Oakland, CA

Chivalry Today

Classic Virtue

Close-Up Foundation, Alexandria, VA

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

College - Best Character Programs with 80+ colleges

College of New Jersey – Athens to NY

Committee for Children, Seattle, WA

Communitarian Network

Community of Caring, Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, DC

Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Consortium for Social Responsibility and Character in Education, Univ. Central FL

Council for Global EducationCouncil

 on Economic Priorities


Council on Governmental Ethics Laws

Co-op America

Creating a Code of Ethics for Your Organization

Character Building Company book, ABC’s of Character

Character Building Concepts

Character Development Group

Character Education Institute, California University

Character Education Network

Character Education Partnership

Character Education Programme of New Zealand (CEPNZ)

Character Education Resource Center Character Matters

Character Plus

Character Works

Character Training Institute

Children of the World Children's Defense Fund

Children Now

Children's Advocacy Institute

Children's Defense Fund

Children's Partnership

Choice Skills

Close Up Foundation

College and


Communitarian Network

Community of Caring

Concerned Businessmen's Association of America

Content of Our Character: Voices of Generation X

Cornerstone Values Bibliography, New Zealand

Corporation for National Service Council for Global Education

Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education

Curriculum Initiative

Daily Motivator

Deputy Bob

Developmental Studies Center

Developing Resources for Education in America, Inc.

Do Something Do Something, NY

Dr. B's Assemblies, Inc.

Eckerd Youth Alternatives

Education Partnership

Educators for Social Responsibility, MA

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Epic Heroes

Erie Catt Teacher Center Ethical Leadership Institute (South Africa)

Ethics Resource Center (ERC)

Ethical Will, An: Grandpa Teaches Values

Ethics Classroom

Ethics in Action Awards

Ethics in Government Group

Ethics Officer Association

Ethics Resource Center Ethics Updates

Every Parent a Volunteer Facing History and Ourselves National Foundation, Inc.

Families and Youth Services Bureau

Families and Work Institute

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

Follow Your Dreams

Foundations: Ideas to Build Your Life On

Future of Children

Georgia Center for Character Education

Giraffe Project, Langley, WAGirls and Boys TownGlenholme School

Global Kidder’s How Good People Make Tough Choices

Goal Setting for Students

Good with 10-volume "In Search of Character" video series

Good Choice Music

Guidance Channel

Hand in Hand Heartwood Institute

Heartwood Ethics Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

Illinois State Board of Education, Character Education

In Search of Character Institute for Character Development, Drake University (IA)

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University

Institute for Global Communication

Institute for Global Ethics

Institute for the Study of Adaptive Behavior

Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics, Dartmouth College

Institute for the Study of Civic Values

Institute for Youth Development

Institute of Practical Philosophy

Institute for the Study of Civic Values Integrity Interactive

Integrity Matters

International Association of Chiefs of Police

International Business Ethics Institute

International Center for Character Education – at Teach

International Center for Character Education, Univ. San Diego

International Center for Character Education

International Education and Resource Network

International Educational Foundation

International Education Foundation – International Character

International Labor Rights Fund

International Order of Job's Daughters (IOJD)

International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics

International Youth Foundation

Islamic Management Net

Ivy Sea Ethics and Communication Portal

Jalmar Press, Carson, CA

Jean Piagey Society, Harvard Univ.

Jefferson Center for Character Education

Jewish Community Center Association

Josephson Institute of Ethics

Journal of College and Character

Kelly Bear Books and Curricular Materials

Kenan Ethics Program, Duke University

Kids Peace

Kid's Voice

Kurtus, Ron with School for Champions Character Philosphy

Lazar Group Character Academy

Learn and Serve America, DC

Learning for Life, Boy Scouts of American, Irving, TX

Learn Well Resources: Ethics World


Living Wisdom

Little League Baseball

Make a Difference Day

Making Hearts Sing

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University

Mega Skills

Mentor / Tutor Connection

Men They Will Become – Male Character by Dr. Newberger's

Mind OH!

Motivating Moments

Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom, (M.U.S.I.C.)

Murray G. Bacon Center for Ethics in Business, Iowa State University

National Abstinence Clearinghouse

National Association of Catholic School Teachers

National Association for Family & Community Education

National Association of Police Athletic Leagues

National Association of Secondary Schools Principals, Reston, VA

National Association of Student Councils

National Center for Youth Issues, Chattanooga, TN

National Character Education Center

National Character Counts Week, Oct. 26, 2002, Bush Proclamation

National Congress of State Games

National Council of Youth Sports

National 4-HNational Education Association, DC

National Energy Foundation – Character Education

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

National Federation of Paralegal Associations: Model Code of Ethics

National Fraud Information Center National Honor Society

National Mentoring Partnership

National Professional Resources, Inc.

National School Boards Association, Alexandria, VA

National Service Learning Clearinghouse

National Society for Experiential Education

National Youth Leadership Council, St. Paul, MN

National Whistleblower Center

National Youth Network

New Horizons for Learning

New York Society for Ethical Culture

New Zealand Foundation for Character Education Inc.

Noll, Kathy – Taking the Bully by the Horns  

Northeast Foundation for Children, Greenfield, MA 

Our (Axios Publishing)

Parent's Television Council Pathways to Philosophy and PhiloSophos Philosophical Society of England

Paul Tracey’s “Your Character Counts” Assemblies

Peace Rug, The

Perspectives on Youth

Phi Delta Kappa International, Bloomington, IN

Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, Indiana Univ.

Points of Light Foundation

Positive Action Company, Twin Falls, ID

Positive Press

Presidential Character at US

Prevention Yellow Pages

Primary Focus Assembly Teams


Project Wisdom

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Progress: A Procedure to Help You Make Wise Decisions

Project Love

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Quest International, Baltimore, MD

Quotes from Heidi & Aaron at Duke Univ.

Quotes from Quotation on “Character”

Quotes from Wisdom on “Character”

Quotes from Motivational on “Character”

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Random Acts of Kindness

Raising Wisdom

Research & Critical Thinking

Responsive Classroom

Resources for Teachers: Discipline and Character Education

Search Institute

Safe Schools Coalition, Inc.

School Development Program Yale Child Study Center, New Haven CT

School for Ethical Education

School for – Character Education

Search Institute SERVEnet


Sigma Nu FraternitySoderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics John Brown Univ., AR

Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL 


Stand for Children

Star Scouting AmericaSt James Ethics Centre Sydney, Australia

Stories to Grow By

Strong Resources for Kids

Students for a Better America

Studies in Moral Development and Education with Links to scholarly articles

Sustainable Development Network Limited Sweat

Taking the Bully by the Horns by Kathy Noll

Teaching Virtues


Teach with is a Six-Pillar Partner

Teens in Trouble: A Survival Page for Parents

That’s the Ticket Responsibility Game for parents w/ children

Transparency International

Tutor / Mentor Connection

TV-Free America United Learning Catalog

United Way of AmericaUniversity of Illinois Moral Education Program

U.S. Government Resources

U.S. Office of Government Ethics yes, the U.S. has an entire office dedicated to ethics

U.S. Youth Soccer Association 

Utah State Office of Education – Character Program   

Vasin, Heyn & Co. social responsibility audits

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. 

Virtues Project, Victoria, British Columbia

Vision in Motion

Walk the Talk

Wall Street Ethics Letter

Washington Ethical Society

Washington State Partnership on Character Education

Wharton Ethics Program

Who Cares

Wise, Santa Cruz, CA

Work & Family Connection

WorkNet Cornell Univ. School of Industrial & Labor Relations

Workplace Ethics Consultancy

World of Prevention Ethics Resources 

Youth Ethics USA

Youth Frontiers, Minneapolis, MN


Youth Service America, DC

YMCA of the USA

Youth Volunteer Corps of America

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