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Our Charter Members

Chartered 1948 ~ Woodville Lions Club

 J.G. Anderson  Cross Daniel  W.M. Pennington
 Edwin Anthony  Joe Daniel  Harvey Phillips
 J.E. Ashworth  L.M. Feagin  O.A. Riley
 J.O. Best  Dan Gun, Jr.  R.A. Rotan
 A.M. Blohm  A.N. Horton  Allen Rumelt
 W.L. Clay  Bert Henserling  Jerry Sadler
 G.C. Christian  George H. Juniel  Clyde Smith, Jr.
 John R. Coats  E.W. Long  C.E. Smith, Sr.
 M.O. Bailey  Grover Lowe  Chuck Stamps 
 Ned Barrett, Jr.  Jack Lindsey  J.D. Vinson
 J.C. Bonham  Ernest Martin  R.A. White 
 W. Birdwell  Ozro Mills  J.R. Willis
 G.K. Boothe  W.Z. Parson  A.R. Wisenbaker
 L. Daniel  E.J. Pedigo

How We Started

In December of 1947, a group of Woodville men were motivated by the members of the Jasper Lions Club to start a Lions Club in Woodville.  The Woodville Lions Club was chartered by Lions Club International in 1948 with the above 41 charter members.

The early meetings took place in the Wisenbaker Cafe on North Magnolia Street.  When the decision was made to build a building, a location was found on the east side of town on land donated by the Woodville Lumber Company.  The was provided to the Club with a 100 year lease at one dollar a year.  

The plans for the building were drawn by architect Bob White, the son-in-law of Allen Shivers, on the back of a calendar.  All of the lumber companies in town donated lumber for the construction.  The cypress planks on the outside of the building were milled to look like logs using a custom made milling tool just for this job.  One carpenter was hired, and he with with his son and the members of the Lions Club built the Lions Club building.

Over the years the Woodville Lions Club has achieved a record of service unparalleled in Woodville.  Many pairs of eye glasses have been purchased for the needy school children and others.  Scholarships of $1,000 have been awarded to graduating seniors of Woodville High School.  Many Children have been sponsored to the Lions Club Camp for Crippled Children in Kerrville, Texas.  Everything from closed captioned televisions to wheelchairs have been donated to the citizens of Woodville and Tyler County.  Funding for the many charitable activities has been raised by members and the many fund raisers sponsored by the Woodville Lions Club. 

Our 25th Anniversary 

On January 6th, 1973, at 7:00 P.M., at the Woodville Lions Club, we held our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  Woodville Lions Club President A.L. Polk called the celebration to order.  Sergio Ramos lead in song, America.  Max Graham lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  V.E. McGee lead the Invocation.

On the program, President A.L. Polk gave introductions and welcomed all guests.  Allen Sturrock gave a Club History, including the above.  Allen Sturrock, also the Zone Chairman, introduced the recognition of the Charter Members, inviting comments and remarks.  

Special Guest and District Governor Paul Mayberry introduced Ebb Grindstaff, Lions Club International Director, who then delivered the Keynote Address.  The 25th Anniversary was a milestone and a most memorable evening.

Our 50th Anniversary 


In 1998 we held a special banquet to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Our Distinguished Presidents To Date 


Our Distinguished Presidents

1946-1948 - Joe Daniels

1980-1981 - Walton Davis

1948-1949 - Edwin Anthony

1981-1982 - Kenneth Weaver

1949-1950 - W.A. Coats

1982-1983 - Kenneth George

1950-1951 - George H. Juniel

1983-1984 - Tom Knapp

1951-1952 - Carey L. Cruse

1984-1985 - Bob Gilbert

1952-1953 - L.M. Feagin

1985-1986 - Tommy Weaver

1953-1954 - Morris O. Bailey

1986-1987 - Steve Evans

1954-1955 - Perry F. Spell, Jr.

1987-1988 - John Coker

1955-1956 - Cross Daniels

1988-1989 - Russ Nalley

1956-1957 - Dean Biggers

1989-1990 - Billy Rose

1957-1958 - Dr. Gayle Burton

1990-1991 - Dr. Gordon McCluskey

1958-1959 - Jack Norwood

1991-1992 - Tom Parker

1959-1960 - J.B. Warfield

1992-1993 - Marcus Payne

1960-1961 - Orman L. Marsh

1993-1994 - Eugene W. Koci

1961-1962 - Earl A. King

1994-1995 - Dr. Stephen Porcari

1962-1963 - V.E. “Red” McGee

1995-1996 - Randy Carter

1963-1964 - A.J. Cortez

1996-1997 - Kenneth Allen

1964-1965 - Jimmy Freeman

1997-1998 - Dr. Stephen Bennett

1965-1966 - Emory B. Mahan

1998-1999 - Jerry B. Robbins

1966-1967 - Allen Sturrock

1999-2000 - David Lefkovits

1967-1968 - Johnie Hickman

2000-2001 - Tim Durr

1968-1969 - Toby Spurlock

2001-2002 - Dr. Brian Babin

1969-1970 - Max R. Graham

2002-2003 - Bill Townley

1970-1971 - Dr. Raymond Parker

2003-2004 - Dr. Keith Bellamy

1971-1972 - Milton Walters

2004-2005 - Randy Carter

1972-1973 - A.L. Polk

2005-2006 - Sherri Zoch

1973-1974 - Doug Tolbert

2006-2007 - Anthony Castillo

1974-1975 - Daryl Ward


1975-1976 - Web Ashworth


1976-1977 - James A. Clark


1977-1978 - Malcolm Collier


1978-1979 - Charles W. Smith


1979-1980 - Monroe Prescott



Our Present & Future