~ Blind Man ~


You ask me what it is like for one who cannot see?
Are the sun by day and stars by night beyond me?
Indeed, as are all the mountains and gentle seas,
Likewise are all the tall trees, 
                          flying birds and bumble bees. 

They say I do in darkness continually dwell;
This, the wall of communication will only swell.
Darkness is to me but the bottom of a well,
Ah, into one I remember I almost fell. 

Thirty years now, and I think I perceive my loss;
One is the faculty to see through a gloss;
Two can only be no easy end to this cross.

But what is there, still, for me in my state?
For me there seldom comes a hurried gait;
And prejudice, too, seems to lose its weight.

There are many evils that within me cannot dine;
Such is the ironic twist given to this life of mime.


                                        by  M.G. Maness, 1987


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