For Kathy Sue

A Very Genuine and Precious Heart

Our Sunshine

Who made us happy when skies were gray


Oh and how she did prove those good doctors wrong, wrong
As she continued through life with a sweet, sweet song

Seemed to me that she gave with a zest to give more
Each moment, each good minute, she prized all the more

To Katy she would lay out herself with a snug 
To Kyle she would attune herself with a hug
To Brenda she’d place at her door a welcome rug
To Bessie, her mom, she would watch her mischievous mug

Kathy Sue gave to each a sweet moment in time
A sweetly soul moment that seemed uniquely mine

She seemed—you see—so ever ready to be yours
She had that great grace gift to be totally yours

She seemed to grab each moment as a great, great gift
Then wait on tip toes to give, give to us so swift

Truly, truly … there are no words that we can say
But that she did make us happy when skies were gray

In Memorial August 25, 2003, by Mike G. Maness


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