~ Kathy Sunshine ~


When into the sunshine of my love I come,  
I think of all of great things I shall become.

        From the warmest of hearts to hearts,  
        To the greatest and grandest of arts  
        From across every ocean and vast sea  
There is but one kind of special Kathy.

        She glows on the noon day like a daisy  
        And closes each night with a quilted paisley.  
        Running to and fro, from cloud to cloud,  
She’s busy growing her family so proud

As she sits next to me in slumber and snooze,  
I try to fine a kind word from the heart to sooth--  
For she has certainly touched my heart and life,  
Easing my struggles and relieving all strife.

When into the sunshine of my love I came,  
I found richness of heart and much love did gain.  
Into the sunshine I did gratefully come,  
And have yet to see all that I shall become.

                                     by  M.G. Maness, October 1999


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