A Kind of Kathy To Meet

As her heart beats, flutters so fast and kind,

So too from her face a carefree smile shines

So bubbly and free, high spirited and bright,

Kind of, should of, certainly out-of-sight.

With me today in this most restrictive space,

Sort of comfortable, yet so out of place

She mingles in, hops about, a little nervous,

Yet kind of, should of, certainly impervious.

So she sits back with a thinking-kind of shrug,

To take in the sights, the feeling, so hug-mug.

Oh no, I see what, feel this, "I donít know"

Yet kind of, should of, certainly a strange show.

She looks down, then smiles again; Oh, so sweet,

The kind of woman most anyone would like to meet.

Yes, indeed, a kind of Kathy, who you could see,

Kind of, should of, a care-berry kind of sea.

Brimming from head to toe, with so much wisdom bright,

Aged with kindness, shyness, a sweet starry night,

So full of heart, tender of spirit, with so much to share,

Kind of, should of, certainly seems without a care.

Restless, tickled; enjoying and inspiring many a mode

Too many an insight to count, without an evil to bode.

She bubbles bright, a ginger sweet demeanor to share,

The kind of, should of, certainly a dear friend to care.

By Michael Glenn Maness, January, 1999



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