~ Knowing Thyself in Context ~


Grown or Growing           Non-being or Being
Possessed or Possessing    Owned or Owning
Rooted or Rooting          Learned or Learning
Exclusive or Inclusive     Estranged or Family


      Captive or Free?
      Bottom Line or Beginning?


One's captivity is only seen in the light of freedom.


Only together can we define our distance, bridge the gap,
Only when the poles are defined can we truly, safely, and
Only when absolutes are defined can their impossibility be seen


       When I know what I have in my hand,
                 - I am free to give, share, or hid it.
       When I doubt what I have in my hand,
                 - I am free to only speculate about it.
       When I have no idea what I have in my hand,
                 - I am not free, nor can I speculate.


                                                      by  M.G. Maness, 1991


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