More Than the 

         Moment Can See


The waves said, “Lie down and sleep.”  
The sand said, “Lie down on me.”  
The wind said, “I’ll keep you cool.”  
The palm leafs said, “Rest, we’ll watch.”  

I said, “What is life?”  
God said, “It is to love me.”  

The clouds asked, “A shadow today?”  
The sun said, “I’ll shine on you.”  
The wind blew and the trees rustled.  
The sand conformed to my body.


I recognized this day was different than all the rest.  
And this day saw me as I never have been before.  

Life was much more than what surrounded it,  
Is much more than what it entails,  
Will be much more than the sum of its parts,  
For life will always be more than the moment can see.

                                     by  M.G. Maness, March 23, 1989


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