~ Tame the Whirlwind ~


Sail, Sail with the wind--let it come 
Have a route to go--I do with some  
     Give me the people, the friends, the challenge


I want, want to know the touch, the love  
To be fed the flight of the gentle dove  
     Give me the words, the lift of the sounds


Searching, search, and find I always will  
Up and about, past yonder tall hill  
     Give me the path, the rugged way through


Traveler, traveling--am I--this one sown  
A few miles, a peck of time I've shown  
     Give me the map, compass, the feel of the road


Push, push through, I with fervor at strife  
Taxing, taming the course of this life  
     Give me the challenge, the intimacy of life


Glide, glide along, I trust the wind  
Confident, shy, but most determined to bend  
     Give to me, twice over, the breadth of life


Walking, will walk--stride quick--I am grown  
Into my face the wind has blown  
     Give me the room, a sidewalk--the open air


Breath, breath--I will, slow, full and deep  
Deep down into my breast, forever to keep  
     Give me the chance, the freedom I will grasp.


                                    by  M.G. Maness, 1998
                                    Dedicated to a special friend


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