~ To What Shore Go ~


A star in the sky, and I must spy:  
A brilliant eye, though a bit shy . . .                                 


I cannot see, but a vast open sea,  
A kindness she--so much more than me.


On a mountain top, above a spindle top,  
Whirl round and pop . . . I cannot stop.


Such a warm heart, how can I chart?  
Where can I start? . . . What a wondrous art?


Is this woman I see--this family so free,  
Given thought of me . . . how can it be?


Onward we go . . .  you go . . . I go--  
Damn, damn . . . and hell if I know.


A glitch in time, and a glass of wine.  
A twist of twine?  Is that all mine?


A heart so true . . .  to never make blue--  
One without curfew, must be brand-new.


A gentle ivory neck, eyes with a stardust speck,  
Oh, what-the-heck, but soft curves about the deck.


Move me oh so swift, I cannot help my drift  
In this small ship adrift, I would see the gift.


To what shore go, can one possibly know?  
Tossed to and fro, beyond the status quo.


Not content are we to remain on an open sea;  
But determined are we, to certainly be free.


Even beyond the freedom, the heart does succumb  
To feel and become, the tidings of two . . . in stardom.


Now more than mellow, as under a shady willow,  
We ponder the window for a tomorrow to winnow.


And I dedicate today . . . to a fine woman and say,  
A heart's broad as midday, and for many a mainstay.


                                     by  M.G. Maness, 1996


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