~ Under the Live Oak Tree ~

      To:  Kathy Sue of Magnolia Springs


There was a dinner, so filled with tastiness, 

A Christmas kind of country club hardiness, 

Friends and co-workers, and so much kindness.


Mixing with a portion of rooted care, 

A country Christmas I came to share, 

Wondering, stumbling, without question I dare.


From a far land, I did seem to come, 

Mixing with those with too many to sum, 

A large family--I seemed but a crumb.


Reflections and thoughts, contemplated long, 

Bring to mind the decades, Oh, so strong, 

So many memories, so gently strung along.


Who am I to share in such a rich bounty, 

Filled, it seems, with the love of a county--

What tapestry, is this, this homespun municipality?


Ah, the sweet consolations of unending dreams, 

Kathy, Kyle, Katie and more--unending it seems, 

The making of endless homespun quilted seams.


Ever so gently, the tapestry is woven, 

Pieces of life, tied so tight and so often, 

With much home cooking in such a big oven.


     The roots spread out and gather, you see, 

     So many, so close, so often--so tender and free, 

     Under the branches of one huge Live Oak Tree.

                                              by  M.G. Maness, 1999


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