~ Windswept Sands 

              of My Heart ~


On a wild summer day I thought of you  
       As I looked steady up into the sky so blue.


       The wind swept my face, and I blinked twice,  
       As my heart tightened just like a vise.  

Windswept and hot, what thoughts are these  
       That come and go in this sultry summer breeze.


       Am I confused or not, I do--but may not know,  
       Yet again, one thing I will certainly show.


       That come and go as my fickle mind might do,  
       There will always be a kind place for you.


Out of my heart rushes a wind here and there.  
       A question now--but too much to bare.


       Caught am I in this whirlwind heat,  
       A cherished memory that is, Oh, so sweet.


Forward I look . . . but transfixed I may be  
       For a cool drop of drink from your sweet tea.


       Through the windswept sands of my heart I do know  
       That you are precious, so kind, and I am too slow.


What will this perilous and wild summer day bring?  
       A melodious tune.  A ballad?  A song I might sing?


       Would that these days were more mine to own,  
       For I might from this desert try to build a home.


Yet this struggling tumbleweed of a heart tries to shout;  
       The sands are windblown and I'm tossed about.


       Without refuge or respite from the winds of change,  
       There doesn't seem to be relief from this heart exchange.


Continue--as me--to be so very true, honest and free,  
       For as time unfolds over this windswept sea
       There will be an answer for you and for me.


                                      by  M.G. Maness, August 1996


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