~ Woman Rife with Feeling ~


By candle light at night she doth flicker.  
By rolling breeze at mid-day she doth skitter.  
By sweeping wind in Fall she doth splinter.  
By sleepy cold in winter she doth shutter.


As a cloudy dark night can be lit by a wee little light,  
As bright mid-day can be cooled by a breeze ever so, so slight,  
As the abounding Fall can sting with a cruel wind of great might,  
And as a snowy winter can chill beneath the skin so tight;


So can she walk with a good deal of versatility,  
Moving in and out, around, toward, with such facility;  
Kind hearted, bold--seeing all the while a great complexity;  
Appearing, she does, to have some amount of efficacy.


So lest this end with too many adulations alone,  
Detailing, as it were, capacities that seem to have shown,  
Showing forth those virtues that some have yet to finely hone,  
I must add an addendum of less than a pleasant bone.


When flicker and skitter combine with splinter and shutter,  
When the Fall sting and Winter chill doth together mutter,  
Facility, with a dose of complexity, can scatter  
A small amount of efficacy in a difficult batter.


Yet whatever the turn that an event may take in this life,  
She would be available to ameliorate the strife--  
Maybe not to the degree of becoming someone's wife.  
But nevertheless, a very loving feeling would be rife.

                                     by  M.G. Maness, 1991


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