Restorative Justice


"Restorative Justice"—America's NEW Frontier by Dr. Michael G. Maness, published Texas Journal of Corrections 29:4 (November 2003): 10-13, noting the state of affairs for Restorative Justice in the U.S. and especially the seminal study by New Zealand.

Restorative Justice Links  with Selected Bibliography

History of In-Prison Programming in America ~ Dr. Michael G. Maness

New Zealand Restorative Justice Trust at or e-mail the  at 

Dorthea Dix Memorial ~ perhaps the FIRST successful prison reform

Garrison's Liberator, Vol. I, No. 1 ~ FIRST use of & appeal to the moral tenants of "ALL Religions" in defense of a noble cause 

Seneca Falls ~ The Beginning of Women's Rights in USA in part based upon "divine" revelation of "Equality" 

Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" Speech ~ Poignant & directly 
related to the "vital issues" Chaplains negotiate within a prison


Top Four Sites recommended by

1.  Restorative Justice Ministries Network 
U.S. nation-wide directory, 1232 Avenue J, Huntsville, TX 77340.
      Largest network in the world devoted to RJ, 57,000 strong and growing

2.  New Zealand Restorative Justice Trust at or e-mail the  at

2.  International Center for Justice and Reconciliation 
      a Prison Fellowship Project, came up as first in the ranking of 975+ sites

3.  Restorative Justice Consortium 




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