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Woodville Lions Club, Texas, USA - #001420

mail:  P.O. Box 111, Woodville, TX 75979
physical:  755 US Hwy. 190E

 Thursdays at 12:00 noon - you'll come on by ...

Take Hwy. 190 East of the town square about 1.5 miles.
On the left as you crest the small hill - see our sign

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LionsClubs.org ~ Our International Headquarters.  From humble beginnings in 1917, Lions International has grown to 44,600+ clubs in 190 countries with membership of 1.4 million.  Primarily, we help the blind and hard of seeing, and we all help others in many ways.
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Star Club Rental Gary Dannar - 409-283-0378

Star Eye Glasses Tommy "Bill" Reed - 571-435-2996

Tyler County Chamber of Commerce
City of Woodville
in the Texas Piney Woods


Our motto - We Serve
~   2016-17 Woodville Lions Club Leadership   ~

President Brian Smith

1st Vice President Bryan Weatherford

2nd Vice President Jacob Spivey

3rd Vice President Laura Winegeart

Treasurer Rachel Iglesias 

Secretary Ken Jobe - 936-969-2059

Tail Twister Ken Weaver

Lion Tamer Clyde Lambert

Membership Chair Gordon McClusky

Immed. Past Pres.  Ken Jobe

Director Russ Nalley e2017

Director Deborah Smith e2017

Director Ron Keef  e2017

Director Randy Carter e2017

Director Tommy Weaver e2017

Director Ronnie Pryor e2018

Director Gary Dannar e2018  

Director Bill Reed e2018

Program Chair Keith Bellamy

Publicity Deborah Smith

Leo Sponsor Ken Jobe   

~  Old Officers Manual 2009-08  ~


Woodville Lions Important Documents

Our Club History

Our Past Presidents

History of Lions - District 2-S1

Our Lions Dues Structure (90 KBs)

Our Constitution Revised October 2001

Our Charter - January 1948

Proclamation for 60 Years - Judge Blanchette

Proclamation - Mayor Tony Castillo


PDG Penny's Training Manuel (2 MBs)

Standard Lions Training Manuel 2008-09   

Woodville Lions Club members helped the Red Cross install free fire alarms in many homes on Thursday, Feb. 11, the third day the club has helped with this.  Pictured in the photo (L-R) are Brian Smith, Jan Smith, Eddie Smith, Deborah Smith, Ken Weaver, Rachel Hadnot, Micah Hadnot and Ron Keef.  Red Cross’s John Stagg said, “There are over 600 homes in Tyler County to
install these in, so it is an ongoing project.”


Woodville Lions Club held its Installation Banquet Thursday night, June 25, at the Lions Den east of Woodville.  Officers for the incoming year 2015-16 are as follows (L-R): Immed. Past President Steve Evans, 2nd Dist. V.P. and installing officer Russell Wheeler, 3rd V.P. Bryan Weatherford, President Ken Jobe, 1st V.P. Brian Smith, 2nd V.P. Sammie Brown, Secretary Jan Smith, Treasurer Jeff Webb and Tail Twister Ken Weaver. Also installed were Lion Tamer Clyde Lambert, Membership Chair Dr. Gordon McClusky and eight directors, Russ Nalley, Deborah Smith, Ron Keef, Randy Carter, Tommy Weaver, Ronnie Pryor, Gary Dannar and Bill Reed. At this banquet, six students was honored with $1,000 scholarships:  Bob Dannar, Caleb Lacox, Lena Mannino, Rhiannon Odom, Cody Riley and Aston Weatherford.

2015 Lions Officers

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Dogwood Princesses speak at Woodville Lions 3-5-2015
with US Dist. 36 Rep. Dr. Lion Brian Babin and Lion President Steve Evans

Dogwood Princesses 2015
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Newly Elected U.S. Represtentive and long-time Woodville Lion
Dr. Brian Babin surrounded by LIONS ... visited today

U.S. Rep. & Lion Dr. Brian Babin

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Woodville Lions Installation 2014

Lions Installation 2014
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Thursday evening, June 19, Woodville Lions held their installation banquet. Incoming President Steve Evans presented Tommy Weaver with Lions International’s highest award, the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award named after the founder who founded Lions in 1917. Past President Jan Smith is on the right. Lion Jeff Webb was award the Woodville Lion of the Year and Karlea Belsey was made Woodville Lions Sweetheart for the entire year. About 70 persons in all attended and J-Bo’s Smoking Aces catered the excellent barbeque.


Lions Easter for Sinclair Kids

^  Valerie Hill and Jan Smith led Easter Festival for Sinclair Kids  ^


Janet Muir Easter Cake 04-2014

Janet Muir Easter Cake - 04-17-2014


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District Lions presented Dist. Gov. Rev. Michael Duncan Parish
with Jack Wiech Fellow Award for Dedication to
Texas Lions Camp - see Camp Facebook Page


Janet Muir makes Halloween Cake

Janet Muir Halloween Cake

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See 65th Anniversary Chili Supper Entertainment
Lion Dr. Brian Babin, daughter Kirsten Spurlock, and Bob Dannar
sing "Daddy Sang Bass"


Dr. Brian Babin Sings


Below Past President Gary Dannar, son Bob, Kirsten,
Steve Evans, and Dr. Brian Babin


Woodville Lions 65th Anniversary Proclamations from
Tyler County Commissioners Court and Judge Jacques Blanchette
City of Woodville Mayor Ben Bythewood

65th Anniversary Photo

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Monday, August 12, the Tyler Commissioners Court and City of Woodville presented proclamations of recognition to the Woodville Lions Club for their 65th Anniversary of service to good people of the county.  The club has given countless scholarships, helped many children with eyeglasses, and sent many children to its Texas Lions Camp (LionsCamp.com).  In the photo (L-R) are Asst. District Attorney and Lion Lou Cloy, Sheriff Bryan Weatherford, Woodville School Principal and Lion Morgan Wright, Lion Steve Evans, Lion Jeff Webb, Tyler County Constable-Emergency Manager and Lion Dale Freeman, Lion Ronnie Pryor, Lion Randy Carter, Tyler County Hospital HR Chief and Lion Lion Ken Jobe, Lion Russ Nalley, Lion District Governor Rev. Duncan Parish, Lion Sergio Ramos, Mayor and Lion Ben Bythewood, Commissioner Mike Marshall, Lion President Jan Smith, Tyler Count Judge and Lion Jacques Blanchette, Lion Bran Smith, Commissioner Jack Walston, Lion Deborah Smith, Commissioner Martin Nash, Lion Bill Reed, Lion Dr. Michael Maness, Lion Jim Muir, Asst. District Attorney and Lion Dan Hunt, Lion Janet Muir, Lion Dr. Keith Bellamy, Lion Sammie Brown, and Court Chief of Security and Lion Terry Riley.


Lions Club, October 6, 2013

Lions Club

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 65th Anniversary Proclamation by County          65th Anniversary Proclamation by Woodville

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Article by President Jan Smith

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Lions International 2013

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Lions Installation 6-27-13

Woodville Lions Installation 6-27-13 - Gary Dannar, Luke Lucas, Keith Bellamy,
District Governor Duncan Parish, Tommy Weaver (back),
Woodville Lions President Jan Smith
, Michael G. Maness,
Jeff Webb, Randy Carter, Ronnie Pryor, and Bill Reed

Duncan - District Governor

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Lions Sign

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Texas Lions Camp Entrance, Kerrville, Texas

Texas Lions Camp Historical Marker

Texas Lions Camp Memorial Lions
2010 Work Crew

Lions Charter
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Woodville Lions Charter 1948 - with bullet hole

Lions Peru

Lions in Peru
visited by Woodville Lions
Past President Sergio Ramos 


Ron & Rosie Keef Day

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Ron &  Rosie Keef Day
Proclamation 12-8-2012


Muir Cake

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Janet Muir Christmas Lions Cake 2012




Woodville Lions Club, Lions Den