Testamentum Imperium
Volume 5 - 2016

Can You Hear me Now?:
Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

Testamentum Imperium
Volume 5 - 2016

Can You Hear me Now?:
Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

Director Kevaughn C. A. Mattis and Managing Editor Michael G. Maness

Volume 1 - 2007 - Closed - 80 Articles - 13 Published in Perspectives on Eternal Security:  Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical Foreword by H. Wayne House, Edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2009).

Volume 2 - 2009 - Closed - 122 articles committed so far.

Volume 3 - 2011 - Closed - 161 articles committed so far

Volume 4 - 2013 - Open - Response to I. Howard Marshall’s Kept by the Power of God 

Volume 5 - 2016 - Open - on Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

Guest and Complementary Articles Previously Published  ~  Editorial Standards    


Message from Kevaughn Mattis, Trinidad, West Indies, Founder and Coordinator of Testamentum Imperium: 

In the past, Testamentum Imperium has focused on affirming the assurance of salvation from  Baptist and Reformed perspectives. The journal is expanding its scope by publishing an interdenominational volume on Pastoral Care in 2016.  As was done in the past with the first 13 articles from the first volume of Testamentum Imperium, I wish to take the articles written in 2016 and publish as many as I can as a book with Wipf and Stock. That publication is found here: 


I humbly extend this collective invitation inviting you all to contribute the following articles:

Perspectives on Eternal Security


Can You Hear me Now?:
Making Pastoral Theology Relevant in a Modern World

Foreword Dr. Gerald R. McDermott, Jordan-Trexler Professor of Religion, Roanoke College, USA; Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion; and Research Associate, Jonathan Edwards Centre, University of the Free State, South Africa; mcdermot@roanoke.edu.    

Preface Rev. Dr. Michael G. Maness, Baptist;  D.Min, NOBTS; M.Div. SWBTS; TDCJ Retired 20-year Senior Clinical Chaplain, author of How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011 (2015) and nine other books and 100+ articles, see www.PreciousHeart.net, email Maness3@att.net

The Problem of Pastoral Theology 

1.  Rev. Dr. Vasileios Thermos, M.D., Ph.D., 
Can Pastoral Care Successfully Merge Secular Disciplines with Biblical Theology? - He was born in 1957 at Lefkada, Greece, and studied at the Medical School of Athens University.  After graduating he studied at the Theological School of the same University, specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry which he still practices in Athens, Greece.  In 1996-97 he was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Divinity School.  He has studied at Harvard School of Arts and Humanities, Boston College, Boston University, and Andover Newton Theological School. In 1997 he received his PhD in Pastoral Psychology from the Theological School of Athens University.  In 1986 he was ordained a priest of the Orthodox Church of Greece and has has been engaged into training programs for clergy in Greece, Cyprus, USA. See thermosv@otenet.gr.
     He has written numerous books and articles in Greek, some translated into English, French, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Spanish. He is the editor of a new journal in Greek, Psyches dromoi: Ways of the Soul, published every 6 months on the relationships between theology/religion and psychiatry/psychology (first issue in May 2011).
     In 2004, a master thesis on his total work appeared by Peter Kazaku at the Theological School of Balamand University, Lebanon: 

2.  Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley and Rev. Dr. Joan Prentice,
Is Pastoral Theology still Relevant in an Age of Modern Psychology? – Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley, Ph.D., D.Min. NCC, LPC, is a Baptist and Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling, Waynesburg University, USA; Director, Mount Ararat Counseling Ministry and Counseling Center at Mount Ararat Baptist Church,  Pittsburgh, PA, USA;  ttinsley@mt-ararat.org.   Co-authored, the Rev. Dr. Joan Prentice, is also a Baptist with a D.Min. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, USA;  she is the Minister of New Members, Mount Ararat Baptist Church,  Pittsburgh, PA, USA;  jprentice@mt-ararat.org.  

3.  Dr. Nontando Hadebe,
A Correction of Pastoral Care that Overlooks the most Vulnerable - Dr. Hadebe has a B.Theol, M.Theol (Natal), D.Phil, Theology and is a Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of South Africa;  see www.StAugustine.ac.za and noehadebe@gmail.com.  

4.  Caroline G. Seed,
Religious Belief, Conflict and Violence: The Theological Basis in 1 John for Being Passionate about what we Believe and Passionate About Loving Those who Disagree with Us Senior Lecturer in Theology, Presbyterian University of East Africa, Kenya; Senior Lecturer in Dogmatics and Missiology (External), North-West University, South Africa;  See www.PUEA.ac.ke, www.NWU.ac.za and cgseed@outlook.com.  

5.  Daniel Funke and Dr. Tomas Bokedal,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God”Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins?
- Bokedal is Lecturer in New Testament Studies, King's College, University of Aberdeen, UK;  t.bokedal@abdn.ac.uk.  Funke is a recent graduate of Aberdeen and works in publishing; dannofunke@hotmail.de. 

6.  Rev. Dr. Matthias Grebe,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God” Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins? – Anglican, Post-Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany;  grebe@uni-bonn.de; mgrebe471@gmail.com.

6b.  Rev. Dr. John Michael Kiboi,
“They Shall Not Inherit the Kingdom of God” Is the Bible’s Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory to Patiently Deal with Human Sins? – St. Paul's University, Limuru, Kenya;  see www.SPU.ac.ke.

7.  Fr. Dr. Daniel Ude Asue,
Does the Roman Catholic Church’s Language of Sin Make Pastoral Care of Victims too Difficult? - Roman Catholic, Ph.D., Practical Theology, St. Thomas University, Florida, USA;  Saint Bede Catholic Church, Diocese of Richmond, USA;  frdanielasue@bedeva.org; asue1ng@yahoo.com.  

8.  Dr. Robert Fastiggi,
Is the Roman Catholic Theology of Sin too Judgmental? - Roman Catholic Professor of Systematic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, USA;  See www.SHMS.edu and fastiggi.robert@shms.edu.  Fastiggi has been executive editor of the 2009-2013 supplements to the New Catholic Encyclopedia and the co-editor of the English translation of the 43rd edition of the Denzinger-Hünermann compendium published by Ignatius Press in 2012. He is the author of The Natural Theology of Yves de Paris (Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, 1991), The Mystical Theology of the Catholic Reformation: An Overview of Baroque Spirituality [co-author, José Pereira] (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2006), What the Church Teaches about Sex: God’s Plan for Human Happiness (Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Press, 2009), Called to Holiness and Communion: Vatican II on the Church [co-editor with Fr. Steven Boguslawski, O.P.] (Scranton, PA: University of Scranton Press, 2009), De Maria Numquam Satis: The Significance of the Catholic Doctrines on the Blessed Virgin Mary for All People [co-editor with Judith Marie Gentle] (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2009), St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory [co-editor with Jane Adolphe and Michael Vacca] (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2012), The Sacrament of Reconciliation: An Anthropological and Scriptural Understanding (Chicago/Mundelein, IL: Hillenbrand Books, 2017)..

9.  Dr. Wayne Baxter,
Was Jesus’ Language of Judgment and Sin too Condemnatory for him to Deal Graciously with Human Sin?: A Reflection from the Gospel of Matthew - Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada, Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek, Heritage College & Seminary, Canada; see www.HeritageCambridge.com and  wbaxter@heritageseminary.net

Pastoral Theology:  Attending to Human Need

10.  Dr. Rock M. LaGioia, 
Addressing Spiritual Lethargy:  A Biblical, Theological, and Homiletical Approach - B.A., M.Div., Th.M., D.Min.; Professor of Pastoral Studies;  Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana;  See lagioir@grace.edu and www.Grace.edu/academics/seminary/faculty/lagioia

11.  Rev. Dr. Myrna Thurmond-Malone,
Pastoral Care with Addicted Persons - M.Div., Baptist;  Th.D., ABD;  Pastoral Care and Counseling, Columbia Theological Seminary, USA;  Licensed Christian Counselor and Therapist;  Founder & Director, MHT Family Life Center, Riverdale, GA, USA;  revmyrnamalone@mhtfamilylifecenter.org

12.  Rev. Dr. Michael G. Maness,
The Need and Relevance of Pastoral Care in the Prison System - Baptist, D.Min, NOBTS; M.Div. SWBTS; author of How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011 (2015) and nine other books and 100+ articles, see www.PreciousHeart.net, email Maness3@att.net.  Maness spent 20 years as a TDCJ staff senior clinical chaplain at the Gib Lewis State Prison in Woodville, Texas, the last six months at the Polunsky State Prison, where Texas’ Death Row is located.   He earned 1,600 hours of CPE from ACPE and a host of certificates on PTSD, suicide and crisis intervention, and authored nine books and over 100 articles, including, How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011:  Immeasurable Value of Religion, Volunteers and Their Chaplains:  A Resource for the Prison Chaplaincy and Its Defense with Staff Chaplain Survival Guide and Audit History (2015; 412p.; www.PreciousHeart.net/Saved) and Queen of Prison Ministry—the Story of Gertha Rogers, First Woman to Minister on Texas Death Row (2008; 200p.;  www.PreciousHeart.net/joy).   He has been managing editor of Testamentum Imperium for most of its publication history, www.PreciousHeart.net/ti.  See his website www.PreciousHeart.net, LinkedIn page http://lnkd.in/FJ9N2z and Facebook page www.Facebook.com/Michael.G.Maness.

13.  Rev. Hundzukani Portia Khosa-Nkatine,
Practical Theology/Spirituality and Fostering Healthy Human Relationships in the Workplace - Khosa-Nkatini is a Ph.D. student, practical theology, University of Pretoria, South Africa, and Junior Lecturer in Practical Theology, University of South Africa;  see hundzukhosa@gmail.com.

14.  Dr. Walter Chung and Dr. Stephanie Chung,
“Women Don’t Like Nice Guys” – Dating, Attraction and Christian Values: Teaching Our Young People How to Fall in Love - Dr. Walter Chung, Evangelical;  Ph.D., BCBA-D, CRC, NCP, BCCP, LPC, LBS;  Professor, Counseling Psychology; Department Coordinator for Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration, Eastern University, USA;  wchung@eastern.edu;  and co-authored with his wife, Dr. Stephanie Chung, Ed.D., Evangelical; Associate Professor of Special Education, Education Department, Cairn University, USA. 

15.  Kevaughn Mattis,
Judgemental Attitudes and Their Impact on Our Pastoral Effectiveness - LLB University of London, UK; LPC, BPP Law School, UK; founder & director of Testamentum Imperium. Mr. Mattis graduated with honors from the University of London.  He founded Testamentum Imperium (Great Testament) around 2005 with requests for articles on the security of the Christian believer from scholars all over the world, www.PreciousHeart.net/ti.  The first volume of 80 saw a publication of 13 articles in  Perspectives on Eternal Security:  Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical, Foreword by H. Wayne House, Edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis (Wipf and Stock, 2009).  Volume 2 received 122 articles, volume 3 received 161 articles, and articles are nearly complete for volumes 4 & 5.  This appears to be one of the largest of articles from a like diversity of top scholars on the Great Testament Christian security anywhere in the world. See   destinyfromthebeginning@hotmail.com.

16.  Dr. Godfrey Harold,
The Church as Alternative Community: A South African Perspective – Baptist, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Cape Town Baptist Seminary, South Africa;  godfrey@ctbs.org.za

17.  Rev. Dr. Gwayaweng Kiki,
The Church as Community of GraceEvangelical Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea;  Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Church Ministry, Pacific Theological College, Fiji Islands; 

Pastoral Theology and Human Suffering

18.  Dr. Siroj Sorajjakool,
When Sickness Heals: A Pastoral Reflection on Finding Meaning in Suffering - Seventh-Day Adventist;  Professor of Religion, Psychology, and Counseling, Loma Linda University, USA; 

19.  Dr. Erhard S. Gerstenberger, 
Finding God and Meaning in Suffering
– Lutheran;  Professor of Old Testament Literature and Theology Emeritus, University of Marburg, Germany;  gersterh@staff.uni-marburg.de

20.  Dr. Eric Stoddart,
Pastoral Care as Anti-Theodicy - Reformed Tradition;  Lecturer in Practical Theology & Distance Learning Officer; Associate Director, Centre for the Study of Religion & Politics (CSRP) St Mary's College, School of Divinity, University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK;  es61@st-andrews.ac.uk

21.  Dr. Nathan D. Hieb,
The God of All Comfort: Karl Barth and Hope in Suffering - Reformed Tradition;  Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA;  Pastor, Chinese Evangel Mission Church of New Jersey, USA; 

22.  Dr. Amos Yong,
“Disability and Suffering?  Pastoral and Practical Theological Considerations for the Third Millennium” – Pentecostal;  Ph.D.;  Professor of Theology & Mission, Director of Center for Missiological Research, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA; 

23.   Dr. HyeRan Kim-Cragg,
What Kind of Response can Pastoral Theology Give in the Midst of Suffering? -  Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea;  Lydia Gruchy Professor of Pastoral Studies, St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon Theological Union, Canada; 

24.  Concluding Reflection - Rev. Dr. Michael G. Maness, D.Min, NOBTS, TDCJ Retired 20-year Senior Chaplain, author of How We Saved Texas Prison Chaplaincy 2011 (2015) and nine other books and 100+ articles, see www.PreciousHeart.net, email Maness3@att.net