~  The Dirge  ~


       All effort expended,
       Insufficient to the task,  
       Can words express an adequate dirge?  


Ice on summer pavement melts,  
Mountain streams flow fast,  
The light at dusk fades,  
At morning comes day.  


The pace of time in transit,  
The present does not exist,  
Yesterday is history,  
Tomorrow is yesterday in waiting.  


          The clocks tick,  
          The hearts beat,  
          Seasons change,  
          And tears fall.  

That's the worth of a child,  
The paramount price,  
The greatest treasure,  
The very most important part?  

          I demand to know--  
          As the ice melts,  
          As time is in transit,  
          And as the clocks tick.  

That worth beyond replacement,  
Must be an investment in relation,  
A deposit in friendship,  
A venture in risk.  

That worth beyond replacement,  
Must be a tether to life,  
A surety against loneliness,  
And an empathetic word in old age.  

And the dirge proceeds,  
To do the impossible,  
With words infinite in selection,  
To express sorrow unlimited in depth.  

And time passes, but won't leave,  
The investment gone, still taxes,  
The tether broke, still pulls,  
The irretrievable loss, can't leave.  

The dirge ends as it began,
Truncated in expression,  
Impotent in comfort,  
Pointing to God, the only hope.  

     Would that it could end,  
             Knowing that it can't,  
             Desiring that it helps,
             But how on earth,  
                   Can it express _________?


                   by  M.G. Maness, April 1989
                   Once dedicated to a family, victims of callous violence


6th poem of 7 in my book PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

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