~ Loneliness ~ 


From the very essence of my living

Is pulled the rough substance of my being,

And I groan deep inside with a screaming

As if to scratch from the darkness a seeing.


Thrown onto the hot pavement it crackles

As helpless I sit here in these shackles,

Listening to what seems like rude cackles.


For the absence of a love becomes crude

As even the furniture seems to brood,

While the heart attempts to become shrewd.


And the shackles become even tighter

As one's essence crackles even brighter,

Struggling so hard to become a fighter.


Upon the pavement, I watch its slow glow,

Shackled as I ponder what I do know:  

That my way it will never again blow.


I leave the ashes of my essence there,

Shielding a blood-curdling scare--

Attempted to cover my heart laid bare.


To claw and scratch in this darkness weary 

Becomes a task that makes each day dreary,

That at the day's end leaves the eyes teary.


For a vacancy never before filled,

Is a vacancy that cannot be drilled,

A vacancy that won't be taxed and billed.


But once the room is filled, then vacated . . .

And with the drilling was fabricated,

        Then the deep hole can never be placated,

        When two hearts--once one--are separated.


                                  by  M.G. Maness, February, 1993


3rd poem of 7 in my book PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

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