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These SUPER Lists and the 45,000+ web sites contained therein are among the top visited sites relevant to the topic among the millions of web sites available throughout the world today.

The web sites were gathered by Dr. M.G. Maness using the Copernic search engine crawler, set to gather the top 300 web sites from the following search engines:  AltaVista, AOL.com, CompuServe, EuroSeek, FAST Search, Google, HotBot, Lycos, MSN Web Search, Netscape Netcenter, Teoma, WiseNut and Yahoo.  These are among the world's most popular and thorough search engines.  The Copernic crawler gathered the top 300 web sites relevant to the topic, verified that the sites were active, then crawler was set to erase all duplicate sites and retain the top 1,000 sites relevant to each topic. 

The Writing SUPER List is the one exception, combining two lists, an old one with a new, and edited for duplicates:  it contains over 1,300 web sites listed in alphabetical order.

Each individual list was scanned for words and topics in bad taste.  Every attempt was made to delete web sites of a sexually prurient nature, of a hateful nature, of a prejudicial or radically bigoted nature, of a clearly untasteful or nasty nature and of a nature not serving the pastoral or academic interests of PreciousHeart.net.  Also, though there are a small number of foreign sites, the focus remains upon English language sites.  In a few cases, a top rated site was deleted not because it was in bad taste but because it was not related to the topic:  for instance, mothers.com was about car wax and not "motherhood."

Clearly, there are hundreds of others web sites of value not listed among these SUPER Lists.  Obviously, all of the sites in these lists were not visited, and so there is no clear or categorical endorsement.  In other sections of PreciousHeart.net, there are collections of sites that do seem to be noteworthy.  I certainly welcome any suggestions for additions. 

A few of the lists merited more careful attention.  The Suicide SUPER List merited very much attention and contains the fewest sites, just over 500.  It was sad to see so many crazy sites, like sites actually practically endorsing the suicide healthy people (to say nothing of the very heartrending ethical issues surrounding excruciatingly painful terminal illnesses) and others of a likewise just plain insane or nasty nature. 

REQUEST:  It is possible that a web site was overlooked that needs to be deleted because of its bad taste—PLEASE e-mail me with suggestions for Additions or Deletions.  The overall goal of PreciousHeart.net is to be resource for cultivating the "precious" heart, not tearing it down or degrading the sanctity and dignity of human nature.

Sincerely, Dr. M.G. Maness, January 2003

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