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Queen of Prison Ministry

Fringes of Freedom

Foreword by Wayne Scott
TDCJ Executive Director 1995-2001
by Dr. Michael G. Maness


Paperback (6x9) ISBN 9781434391438  $18.95

Hardcover (6x9) ISBN 9781434391445  $25.95

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 Gertha Rogers
     CEO & Founder
 Loyce Johnson
     President  - 
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     JOY Prison Ministry 
     P.O. Box 7324
     The Woodlands, TX 77087

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See you there, Gertha

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Ed Owens & Gertha Rogers

Contents of Queen of Prison Ministry

Foreword by Wayne Scott - TDCJ Executive Director 1995-2001   


1. My Home Town     

2. Houston, Texas, and Marriage 

3. JOY Born from Above    

4. First Time in Prison   

Clifton D. Williams, TDCJ #244477

Vance L. Drum, Chaplain

5. Death Row and JOY’s Growing Pains  

Rev. Ralph DeVore

Jacquelynne Honorá, JOY Executive Director

6. JOY’s Favor and Fear   

Rev. Roger DeWitt 

Monty Hudspeth, Galveston Hospital Warden

7. Death Row and Karla Faye Tucker    

Karla Faye Tucker

8. Women in Ministry, Mama, and the Teardrop

Michael G. Maness, Chaplain

9. Spiritual Mom and the Man about Town     

Gary and Debra Jobe, Ministry Partners

10. Confessions and New Life    

11. The Spirit of Service 

Cricelda Wall, Senior Chaplaincy Assistant

George Kris Napier, TDCJ #704468

Pastor Albert Hale, Grace Christian Fellowship

Pastor Monica Hale, Grace Christian Fellowship

12. Women Marrying Prisoners    

13. Village People  

Kenneth Negbenebor, Ramsey Senior Warden

14. Father—Where Art Thou?

Ed Owens, Deputy Executive Director, TDCJ

15. Free-World Church—the Hand of God 

Loyce Johnson, JOY Prison Ministry

16. Slander and Sweetness 

Billy S. Humphrey, Senior Warden

17. When Praises Go Up, Blessings Come Down 

Gertha and JOY Dispatched

18. Crown Jewel of Prison Programming 

Nathaniel Quarterman, TDCJ Director 

Honor from All Quarters

Christina Melton Crain, Chairman, TBCJ

Rissie Owens, Chairman, TBPP

A Prison-Art Card

David Stacks, Deputy Director, Operations

Greg Dawson, Senior Warden, Lewis Prison

Silver Anniversary—Gib Lewis Prison Inmates

Rockland Nixon, #644690

Cricelda Wall, TDCJ Chaplaincy

Gerald Garrett, Parole Commissioner

Richard Lopez, Director of Chaplaincy Support

Texas Governor Rick Perry 

Index to JOY   


Paperback (6x9)  $18.95

Hardcover (6x9)  $25.95



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