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Paperback ISBN 9781434391438 $16.50
Hardcover ISBN 9781434391445 $20.50

More than a chronicle, I walk you through an actual description of the
unique pain of divorce in contrast with the pain encountered during bereavement. 

I begin and end with love.

Michael G. Maness, 1995

See Divorce Archive for more resources on divorce

Table of Contents
Part 1:  Clockwork--Need for Expression
I.  The Beginning   <<< See the First Chapter --  Buy the Book
I  Loved  Her
Crash  &  Doubt
Pendulums of Pain  &  of Hope  
II.  How Will Healing Come? 
1.  The Mainspring of Expression
      --Fig. 1:  Healing Clockwork
2.  My Expression
3.  Caution About Expression
4.  The Length of Healing
5.  Formula for Healing
Part 2:  Black Forest Pathway-- How Expression Unfolds
III.  What Does Love Have To Do with Divorce?
1.  What  Is  Love?  
2.  We  Fell  in  Love  
     --What Kind of Wanderer   poem by author
3.  What Kind of Love Can Survive Divorce?
     --Fig. 2:  Struggle with the SHOCK of a BrokenHeart
4.  How Broken Is My Heart?  
IV.  Can My Faith Survive?  
1.  The Judgment Seat
2.  A Passing Biblical Overview  
3.  The Exact Point of Exposition  
4.  Divorce & Christian Compassion 
V.  Just What Is a Divorce?
1.  A Tragic Reality of the Times  
2.  The Definition of Divorce  
3.  Forces of Conflict that War Against Love
4.  A  Primer on the Pre-Divorce Stage 
VI.  Why Do I Have Such Trouble?
1.  Love Is Naturally Committed
2.  The Ethical Dilemma of Justifying Any Divorce  
3.  The Pre-Divorce Stage:  A Mortally Wounded Soul
     --Fig. 3:  Struggle with FINALITY in a BrokenHeart
4.  A Primer on the Shock Stage  
5.  Love Does Not Let Go Easily
6.  The Differences Between True Love & Obsession
VII.  What Do I Do with the “SHOCK” of It All? 
1.  Find a "Credentialed" Confidant
2.  Do  Not  Be  Rushed
3.  See  the  Tragedy  as  Tragedy
4.  Know  that  "Time"  Is  Irrelevant
5.  Note  the  Permanent  Scar
6.  Take  the  Challenge  of  Growth
VIII.  What Does It Feel Like To Be in a WASTELAND? 
1.  Let  Those  Who  Know  Be  Kind
2.  Shock Stage:  "Is This Really Happening to Me?"  
3.  The Wasteland:  A New Beginning, A New Pain
     --The Wasteland   poem by author
4.  Finding Direction in the Wasteland
5.  Rejection:  The Loneliest Hour
     --Loneliness   poem by author
IX.  What Is the Nature of Grief?  
1.  Grief:  Universal  &  Unique  
2.  Two Tasks of Grief:
1.  Identifying  Needs/Binding  Ties,  
2.  Loosening  Ties
3.  Grief Task 1:  Finding Needs, The Binding Ties 
4.  Grief Task 2:  Setting Free, Loosening the Binding Ties 
5.  The Healing Forces of Self-Discovery & Expression 
X.  Intermission:  The Bay of Heart-Brokenness 
XI.  Grief Task 1:  What Needs & Binding Ties? 
1.  Identifying the Needs:  the Binding Ties
2.  Discovering the Self & Frailties 
3.  Running From Grief:  Judas & Other Forms  of Running
4.  Love  &  Forgiveness  
     --Lovelorn   poem by author
5.  Toward a Higher Level of Loving  
XII.  Grief Task 2:  How Do You Loosen the Binding Ties?
1.  Bridge of Finality:  What Delays the Approach  
2.  Bridge of Finality:  Successful Navigation  
3.  Bridge of Finality:  Arrival  
4. True Healing  Begins  Here
     --Fig. 4:  FULL Struggle of a BrokenHeart
     --Hope-Trip ... of a Broken Heart   poem by author
Part ThreeBlack Forest--What Helps Expression
XIII.  What Factors Inform Us About Binding Ties? 
Intro:  finding What the Departed Meant To Us
1.  First Factor:  Our World Experiences  of  Losses  in  General  
2.  Second  Factor:   How  Many  Experiences  Were  Shared  
3.  Third  Factor:   Our  Ability  to  Love  and  Receive  Love  
XIV.  What Is Unique in the Pains of Death & Divorce? 
The  Unique  Pain  of  Divorce  
The  Unique  Pain  of  Death  
       --The  Dirge   poem by author
XV.  How Do the Pains of Death & Divorce Compare? 
Intro:  Finality Makes Divorce More Painful
Intro:  Do We Minimize Death--Not in the Least
1.  Death Is Natural ... Divorce is a Broken Dream  
2.  Death Is a Religious Value ... Divorce Is a Religious Taboo  
3.  Death Has Funerals ... Divorce Usually Divides  
4.  Death Often Immortalizes ... Divorce  Often Distorts
5.  Death Removes the Loved ... Divorce  Changes  the  Love  
XVI.  Is There an END?
        --Beyond the Black Oakwood Door   poem by author
Selected Reading

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         What Kind of Wanderer

         The Wasteland 



         Hope-Trip...of a Broken Heart

         The  Dirge    

         Beyond the Black  Oakwood  Door 


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