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Would You Lie to Save a Life?

Michael G. Maness

Would You Lie to Save a Life

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Paperback (6x9) ISBN 9781418478193 $24.95

Hardcover (6x9) ISBN 9781418478186 $34.95

Illustrations by Gustave Doré -  
1990, Rev, 2007


In 1968, Commander Lloyd "Pete" Bucher and the crew of the USS Pueblo were captured by North Koreans and held for almost a year.  Early on, Bucher was forced to sign a confession to being in Korean waters in order to save his men.  There was every reason to believe they would kill. 

What would you do? More importantly, "how" would you justify whatever you would do?  I contrast four ethical systems and detail the essential nature of absolutes, especially the absolutes of Truth and Love.

Where is  the cutting edge of ethical theorizing today?  Ethics is the quest for God's will this side of heaven when God does not seem so clear.  Part of the distinction comes in the place of time itself in the determination of rightness and in the analysis of the teleological and deontological dimensions of every decision.

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Condensed Table of Contents of Love's Gold Mine

Author's Preface

Expanded FULL Contents of Love's Gold Mine <click here

List of Charts

Introduction to Love’s Golden Treasures - see entire introduction here

 1. Love’s Gauntlet—the USS Pueblo History

 2. Love and Ethics Mulched by WWJD - see entire chapter 2 here

 3. Love and Evil Rain—Endure

 4. Love’s Unchanging and Universal Parts

 5. Love Is Absolute

 6. Love’s 1st Foundation—Simplicity

 7. Love’s 2nd Foundation—"Duty" From God

 8. Love’s 3rd Foundation—Morality Natural

 9. Love’s 4th Foundation in Time

10. Love a Human Struggle with Time

11. Love, Lying, and Truth

12. Love Struggles to Find a Way

13. Love Masters the Teleological in Time

14. Love’s Uncharted Islands of Responsibility

15. Love Will Find a Way

Epilogue--Love's Gold Train through Time

See Chart 15. Love's Struggle between Legality and License

See Chart 24.  Teleological / Deontological Analysis of Choice

See Long Course on Deontology and Teleology

See Two Hermeneutical Presuppositions

See Depravity and Will of God 

See Truth Article that briefly reviews three articles on Truth in the 2005 Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) by Andreas J. Köstenberger, R. Albert Mohler, and J. P. Moreland

See Speaking the Truth in Love and Fundamentalist Mocking of Love, a commentary on Ephesians 4:15

See Character Quotes by Famous Persons

See 800+ Bibliography on Love


Introduction to Love’s Golden Treasures - see entire introduction here

2. Love and Ethics Mulched by WWJD - see entire chapter 2 here

Robert V. Rakestraw, "Ethical Choices: A Case for Non-Conflicting Absolutism," Criswell Theological Review 2, No. 2 (1988): 239-267.

Expanded Full Contents of Love's Gold Mine << click here

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Other Ethics Articles of Interest

Will of God and a Man's Lifework: Condensation, by Henry B. Wright, a masterly work on the principles of discovering God's will for one's life.  Originally to be Appendix 1 of an earlier version ... a true masterpiece of biblical research!

"What is Truth?" - Short Review of Three 2005 JETS Articles on Truth by Andreas J. Köstenberger, R. Albert Mohler, and J. P. Moreland.

War and Peace Article by M.G. Maness viewing SBC Doctrine of Peace and War.

LIFE Magazine Articles

LIFE, Feb 7, 1969, Bucher and the Pueblo--The Cruel Dilemmas of Duty - read the article here on GoogleBooks.

LIFE, Aug 21, 1970, The Pueblo Variously Remembered, by William A. McWhirter - a small review of three books

Two Companion Books

Would You Lie to Save a Life has two companions,
originally meant as appendixes:

1. Heart of the Living God--Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, Heaven: A Theology on the Treasure of Love

2. Character Counts--Freemasonry USA's National Treasure and Source of Our Founding Fathers' Original Intent  



Ethics Bibliography Set

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PreciousHeart.net Home Page

God's Will, Ethics, Theology, Prayer & Hermeneutics
     —Bucher & the USS Pueblo Bibliography
     —Other Sources used for this Book

Great Masters of Theology, Ethics, Foreknowledge

Free-Will, Foreknowledge, Predestination Theology

Determinism & Determinism Philosophy

Philosophy of Time & Quantum Theory

Logic and Reason

Greek Stuff Bearing on Ethics & Free-Will

Challenging Social & Theological Mediocrity

Crime, Criminology, Mens Rea, Prison

Foreign Works on Free-Will/Foreknowledge

Character Set

Character – Super List - Web Sites

Character & Idealism Bibliography

Character Quotes by Famous Persons

Responsibility, Intention, Decision Theory

Empathy, Communication & Love

Love Bibliography

Aquinas (1225-74) - Summa - Heavenly Virtues  

  Would You Lie to Save a Life?   Ethics Book Home Page

Heart of Living God   Foreknowledge Book Home Page

See Home Page for Links Sets, SUPER Lists, Archives and Pastoral Care Journals List

see:  Ethics Bibliography Set  ~  MASTERS  ~  Top 


Related Theological Articles by Classical Masters

MASTERS.  The following is a selection of classical masters on the free-will/foreknowledge debate.  Another reason for not including these here is, again, William Lane Craigand my looking at his The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents from Aristotleto Suarez(Studies in Intellectual History 7. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1988), which is a masterpiece of condensation and a truly seminal addition to the literature. If you want to understand Augustine’s understanding, go here first.

Places like www.newadvent.org/fathers for the Catholics have the entire collection of Church Fathers—a magnificent collection and one of the internet’s best collection of Christian classics.  Here are a few other sites with compilations of classics.
www.CCEL.org  ~  http://classics.mit.edu  ~  www.OnlineClassics.com 

Already entire libraries of famous Christians and others are available online. Enterprises like Questia are seeking to put tens of thousands of reference works on line—still for a fee. Even so, thousands of classics and modern works are available for free Perhaps in the distant futureeverything in the Library of Congress and other major libraries will be available for free and accessible to everyone on the planet. How that would changethe world and world’s economy.

Appendix 1: Henry Wright's The Will of God and Man's Life Work--
A Condensation
<< click here see

Heart of Living God was going to be an appendix on Free-Will v. Predestination, but captured my interest more than just a little ...  

Saint Aurelius Augustine (396-430).  On Nature and Grace, Against Pelagius:  Contained in One Book, Addressed to Timasius and Jacobus.
Published A.D. 415.  84 articles. 

Saint Aurelius Augustine (396-430). The Enchiridion (Handbook) on Faith, Hope and Love.
Published A.D. 421.  122 articles.

Saint Aurelius Augustine (396-430).  A Treatise on Grace and Free Will:  Addressed to Valentinus and the Monks of Adrumetum: Published A.D. 426., 46 articles.

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225?-1274) The Summa Theologica:
Entire work published 1267-1273.
Translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province.
Question 19:  Will of God         Question 82:  Will of Man
Question 22:  Providence of God   Question 83:  Free Will of Man
Question 23:  Predestination     

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) - Summa Theologica - Heavenly Virtues
Book IV, Question 62, Theological Virtue

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)A Careful And Strict Inquiry into The Modern Prevailing Notions Of That Freedom Of Will: Which Is Supposed to be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice,
Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame
.  Published 1754.  Entire text, including all 4 parts.
To See Just Part 2: 
Click HERE:  PART 2:  Wherein It Is Considered Whether There Is or Can Be Any Such Sort of Freedom of Will, as that Wherein Arminians Place the Essences of Liberty of All Moral Agents;  and Whether Any Such Thing Ever Was or Can Be Conceived of.

Boettner, Loraine.  The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.
Grand Rapids:  Eerdmans, 1951, 7ed. (1ed. 1932). Click to see 1/3 of this work  


Will of God by Henry Wright (1910) condensed
as masterpiece of work

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