~ Hope-Trip of a 

                Broken Heart ~

Beyond the one you love to a lonely tomorrow,
Nothing can be seen but a heart filled with deep sorrow.
Here in the early morning dawn, I stand so very alone,
        Grasping at air for a sun that had so brightly shown.


To understand the shading clouds of distrust and fear

Is like pulling from my heart a long and jagged spear.

But pull I must, lest the dawn turn quickly to dusk.

        For without the pulling, I may lose all my trust.


The day must and has to most assuredly arrive

When from the ashes I can see that I might survive,

When the dawn moves to mid-day and I can see the sun,

        When among my friends I can have some semblance of fun.


So pull and struggle I most assuredly will

From this hole to come and climb my rugged hill.

For if bitterness is allowed to kindle within,

        I will lose more and more of my friendship kin.


Doubts and fears, beat and cold every step of the way--

And several stand ready--energized--to cut and slay.

I hold onto the dawn with an ever increasing grip,

        As on a weary road, so cruelly named The Hope-Trip.


For there's only one source of strength for my broken heart,

And with help from above and my tight grip, I will not part.

Through the dark clouds of my past I must set my scope,

        Grasping, pulling, I must never--ever--lose sight of Hope.


Beyond all my many fears, I must unfurl my small sail,

Pushing through the waters--no matter if I feel so frail.

My confidence seems so thin so much of the time.

        Yet a ray of hope does from the thunder clouds shine.


As a little boy with his father in a bright park,

A friend can help heal and rekindle a small spark.

And my heart does know that dawn will turn to bright mid-day,

        As long as upon the path of friendship I do stay.


                                     by  M.G. Maness, April 1993


5th poem of 7 in my book PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

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