~ Beyond the Black 

              Oak Wood Door ~


I once was in a desert feeling so low; 
      The reason for, I did not know.  
      Then I looked deep in another there to find,  
      It wasn't sight that eased the mind.  


One the first level was a kind of white box;  
Four corners square, without a lock.  
It took a good second look to see into;  
And rarely the sight made one blue.  


The second level was most like a tall wall,  
Almost never made known to all.  
Always took effort to see over the top;  
But once there, one didn't stop.  


Once past the wall, level three was easily seen,  
Flowing clearly just like a stream.  
Here I saw the nest of all true desire;  
Love and hate freely perspire.  


On the edge of three, right before level four,  
I saw a big black oak wood door.  
It was strong as steel and without a twin,  
Only opening from within.  


Its strength was made solely by maturity,  
Honed by threats to security.  
Only two or four in a lifetime have come;  
Pity the one to whom came none.  


Opened from within, I saw something unique,  
Something that everyone should seek.  
The journey was hard and did require task,  
As effort for a cold water flask.  


Much more you'll find, deep down into level four,  
      Beyond the big black oak wood door.  
      There, one finds something he'll never need to fend;  
            A true, long lasting, faithful friend.

                                     by  M.G. Maness, March 1988


7th poem of 7 in my book PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

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