~ What Kind of Wanderer ~

As light as a perfect snowflake in flight,

Floating along in the wisp of a cool windó

Seems to be my precious love at first sight,

With a gait suggesting such a gentle blend.


Has ne'er before one with such bright grace come?

And who with so much kindness hath appeared?

What can a wanderer offer such a one,

But kind phrases through a heart having peered?


What kind of wanderer am I to look,

With longing gaze into kind hazel eyes?

Is there a place on earth outside a book,

To which such unspeakable goodness spies?


Not at all is there one like my kind lovely,

Not at all one with a smile so present.

For she comes at noon in such a scurry,

To give cheer and grace and love so pleasant.


Many times she comes with simplicity:

To adorn with touch and a gentle word,

To create of naught a complexity,

Honing further the flight of this scared bird.


Comfort, yes--but more than stimulation,

To hold and be held--yes, and much more.

Seems we two make a fine celebration,

Making, we do, one fine musical score.


All this and much more, I begin to see:

Eyes that are cat-quick with humble glances,

Hands that can calm this rushing heart in me,

With a mistle toe voice from tree branches.


Shading comes from her enclosed timbers,

Cool and steady, swaying seductively,

Stirring within me slow burning embers,

Granting to me such productivity.


And from here I go on a lonely trek,

To find one with whom I can share my life,

Feeling like I have only found a speck,

From a gold-vein of love that may be rife.


Still much fear and doubt doth greatly assail,

Bringing this whole business of love to fore,

Causing me to quickly furl my small sail,

Lest I crash my raft on a rocky shore.


So who am I with this woman, --

With which many seeds of love have been sown,

            Bearing under a dream he doth carry,

            Of a weary wanderer coming home?


To you, my Love, wherever we may go,


                           by  M.G. Maness, Christmas 1991


1st poem of 7 in my book:  PreciousHeart-BrokenHeart

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